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  1. TomJoad

    Sold Denver CO Thule Kid Carrier: WOD

    Amazing technical hiking pack designed to carry kids. You want to do some summer hiking training for next falls elk season? Put your 40lb toddler in this backpack and fill-up all the other generous storage for a 75-80lb total load. From infant to toddler I took my kids scouting in this pack...
  2. TomJoad

    Sold Federal 210 LRP

    Consolidated to all CCI for my large rifle primer reloads and now have a partial 1k box of fed for sale. 7 full trays and one partial with 77 for 777 total. $60 cash local Denver. That’s less than .08 each with no hazmat or shipping costs included. A little help for the local reloading community!
  3. TomJoad

    WTS Denver Powder!!

    Cleaning out the catacombs here’s what needs to go. These all came from legit distributors either Nacho, PV, Midway or Hodgdon (no dicey GB business). Prices are below retail before hazmat or shipping, just looking to create space no gouging here. ANOTHER PRICE REDUCTION: SOLD - Ramshot Tac...
  4. TomJoad

    WTB LEE PRECISION 30/06 Factory Crimp Die

    Message says it all. Looking for a Lee FCD in 30-06 If you are holding one you aren't using please message me! If you're interested in trading I have: - Powder, many available - 308 Win dies - 308 Lapua Brass - 308 Factory Ammo - Black Powder and accessories Denver, CO!
  5. TomJoad

    WTS/WTT IMR 4198 4lbs, Denver, CO

    Looking to Sell or Trade 4 un-opened 1 pound cans of IMR 4198. Local only, no shipping Denver CO $47 a can which is exactly what I paid including hazmat from Hodgdon directly, those guys are the worst. Not looking to scalp here just recouping my purchase. Will trade for: Reloader 17 (RL17)...
  6. TomJoad

    Sold 32" mud/snow tire chains for next season: Denver $75

    Howdy folks. I have 4 V-Bar mud tire chains with integrated cams bought last year and never used thanks to the fair weather I had last season in CO. Fortunately/Unfortunately for me I have a new truck this year and THESE DON'T FIT! so I've got to sell my $260 chains.... These include heavy...
  7. TomJoad

    Venison Aloo Gosht

    Here is another Sous Vide recipe I worked on last weekend. I used a sous vide for this one but you could also put it in a tightly lidded Dutch oven at the lowest temp you oven can hold abd bring the time down accordingly (250 I would go for 7hrs max). I froze and reserved 1/2 this curry and...
  8. TomJoad

    Sous Vide venison barbacoa

    This recipe takes days... literally. But like most low and slow efforts there is not much work, just waiting. you can sub different dried chili’s these were just what I had in the cabinet. The local carneceria is your friend as it will have the best prices on masa, cotija, and best selection of...
  9. TomJoad

    Sold Varget & LRP for BP: Denver

    Ok odd trade... Looking to trade a pound of Varget for some FFF black powder Geox or Swiss. STILL looking for #11 percussion caps and have LRP or other smokeless to trade for these. Denver area only, no hazmat. ______________________________ UPDATE Powder has been LOCATED! Just looking for...
  10. TomJoad

    Reloading / Ammunition Classifieds

    Howdy RS Team, Especially with the recent shortages of both ammunition and reloading supplies I'd love the see this pulled out as a separate section in the classifieds. Right now the guns classifieds are a mess with all of the reloading supplies mixed in... I not infrequently click on what...
  11. TomJoad

    Sold Maven RS2 SHR Rifle Scope 2-10 x 38

    Looking to sell like new Maven RS2 rifle scope. Mounted for one day at the range in Talley Aluminum rings on my Kimber 308. Scope works flawlessly and tracked perfectly but I just prefer my Leupold eye box better. Eye relief is tight but workable for my Kimber. Light ring marks from Talley...
  12. TomJoad

    Sold Reloading: Hornady Powder Trickler

    $15 + $5 shipping lower 48 ($10 to Alaska) Brand new unopened powder trickler from Hornady, just an extra. Forgot I had it in backorder and I already have another one I found meanwhile. OOS everywhere just like all reloading equipment but here are the details...
  13. TomJoad

    Sold Firstlite Obsidian Merino Pants NEW

    $150 TYD lower 48. PM for Alaska Brand new Obsidian Merino pants from FL. Product Details here: size: Large Color: dry earth Integrated suspenders included These were a warranty from FL. I bought a brand new pair for last season and had...
  14. TomJoad

    WTT Double Tap special: CCI #34 primers for Fed #210

    DENVER AREA LOCAL TRADE: 1000ct CCI #34 Large Rifle Primers for Federal #210 Large Rifle Primers Will consider CCI #200 or BR from Fed or CCI. Not looking to sell, trade only
  15. TomJoad

    DIY Milkweed Dyneemacator

    Here is my second favorite piece of DIY gear for the 2020 season: An ultralight Dyneema windicator. I've always used puffers but heard how great milkweed is. Wow is milkweed a game changer. I could not believe how much better it performs and how long it tracked in my fickle and shifty Colorado...
  16. TomJoad

    DIY Dyneema "Gundom"

    Howdy RS, I make a good amount of cut & sew equipment. I thought I'd post a few things that were new for my 2020 hunts which worked out great. First up an ultra light rifle scabbard made from the lightest laminate dyneema. I used a walnut blue rifle in the field so always have a weatherproof...
  17. TomJoad

    CO elk MZL: Inline or Trad?

    So I’m committing to buying my first muzzleloader this winter and prepping for my first mzl elk season next fall. I’m looking for advice on the gun. I shoot trad archery and every gun in my cabinet is walnut and blue. I’m a backpack hunter but have never had a hard time taking care of my “more...
  18. TomJoad

    Maven RS2 flip covers

    Just set-up a new RS2 on my 308 kimber and looking forward decent options for flip covers? Anyone know if Tenebræx or Aadland makes a compatible cover? Compatibility charts for either don’t list this scope but I’m hoping someone found one that will work. Open to other options for quality flip...
  19. TomJoad

    WTB Quality 4x fixed power scope

    Looking for a high quality 4x fixed power scope. Zeiss, Swarovski or S&B would be ideal would consider Leupold. Thanks!
  20. TomJoad

    Seek Outside U-Turn Mods

    So I just came into a SO U-turn stove for my floorless... I'm less than impressed with the legs: - cheap steel threaded rod - hardware store fasteners: wing nuts... really? - all heavy and janky My biggest issue is having not having fixed stops on the threaded rod based on the stove height...