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  1. kpk

    Minnesota wolf tracking

    I'd feel pretty confident in thinking we have more wolves than moose now.
  2. kpk

    Still Hunting Whitetail

    The only time that I got really close was probably mid October. It had rained hard overnight and was fairly windy in the morning so it was easy to slip through the woods quietly. Where I was at there are a few small ridges and rock outcrops. Most of the rock outcrops on this ridge are probably...
  3. kpk

    Igloo 150

    Just bought a 150 Igloo from Sam's Club last fall for 70. Looks like they're up to 90 now.
  4. kpk

    Where do you carry your pistol?

    I'm using a Blade-Tech with a drop and offset and whatever their clip is called and am very happy with it. I can move it from my pack to my belt in about 30 seconds. I rigged up some kydex to see if I liked it behind/under my bino harness and didn't like it there.
  5. kpk

    Elk hunting the Bob Marshall wilderness

    Forgive my ignorance on this area.... Why is the Bob Marshall so awful? no elk in there, elk too far in, predators?
  6. kpk

    Whitetail trailcam picture

    Friend of mine got this guy on his camera the other day. We see deer with antlers show up like this every few years, but I don't know if I've seen one with a body like this. Unfortunately, the bucks like this seem to be completely nocturnal, and they don't slip up.
  7. kpk


    I'm curious how it looks this year too. I was out for rifle last year and numbers seemed very low. I've considered going archery this year, but if the numbers didn't improve, I think it could be pretty tough.
  8. kpk

    WTS/WTT Seller's not wanting buyer's to use Regular PayPal

    I've done this in the past when sellers wanted to use friends and family. Fortunately, I've never had an issue selling or buying.
  9. kpk

    Rangefinders for hunting and golf

    I've used both my Sig BDX (whichever one everyone on here bought from Sportsmans) and a super old Nikon 440 and they've both worked fine for the course. I don't range the pole or the pin, I range the quadrant of the green I want to hit on pretty much every shot inside 200. The Garmin watches...
  10. kpk

    Advice needed

    I personally wouldn't recommend camping much farther away from the truck, than you're willing to pack an animal to the truck.
  11. kpk

    Tikka Barrel Swap Question

    ^^ Same for me.
  12. kpk

    Hunting partners…Finding new ones, losing old ones.

    I had a harsh realization to this earlier in the week. Hunting partner and I didn't draw tags anywhere so we planned on doing an OTC archery hunt. Got to the point of having everything sorted out and then his wife told him he wasn't going due to the newborn at home. It's their family decision, I...
  13. kpk

    40-50 degrees?

    I use my 15 degree bag unzipped like a blanket.
  14. kpk

    Tikka - sportsmatch vs warne

    I was gonna say...I thought Form had written about this before.
  15. kpk

    2 person lightweight tent (on the cheap)

    You can use branches cut to length also.
  16. kpk

    7mm ammo advice

    I shoot 162 ELD-X and Nosler Partitions 160gr. out of mine and they both shoot very well. You might have to try whatever you can get your hands on......
  17. kpk

    Buy or rent Satellite communication??

    I rented an InReach Mini last season from I think it was right around $100 for roughly 10 days. I made a couple "default" messages and they did all the programming for me. If I bought one - it'd get used "maybe" 1 trip a year. I have good phone service everywhere locally. For the...
  18. kpk

    Wyoming Type 6 questions (special archery)

    I tried to word it in a way that wouldn't show in search results or give much away. I've now edited it heavily for the future.
  19. kpk

    How to know if your local bow shop is good?

    I once took a brand new bow in that I had ordered. Bowtech something or other that I was unable to adjust the draw length on as one of the cam screws was behind the limb. The guy at the "biggest bowtech authorized shop around" drew the bow hand, rotated wrist, and basically blew the bow up when...
  20. kpk

    Have you cancelled hunting plans due to fuel costs/inflation?

    I've been debating going to Hawaii instead. I priced fuel the other day for a 2k mile round trip at about $400. A round trip flight to Hawaii the same day I priced fuel was just over $600. Flight to Hawaii is shorter than the drive and I have access to a condo I can stay at. Just trying to...