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    6.5 PRC ammo

    @Shooters Pro Shop
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    6.5PRC ammo

    Shooters Pro Shop has Nosler 6.5 PRC 140 grain ballistic tip blems in stock.
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    If you can do this, you can hunt anywhere.
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    elkguide's funny meme's thread

    OK guys. Here is my try at starting a thread that is a place to post silly, worthless humor filled memes in. As I tell people.... "I'm maturing...... but not very well!" I've spent most of my life so far, involved in a lot of serious stuff, involving a lot of peoples lives and their money...
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    Memorial Day

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    Maven S1A Spotting Scope

    Does anyone have any experience with the Maven S1A - 25X50X80 spotting scope? I am in the market for a new spotter and even though I am a Swaro fanboy, the price of their Alpha glass is just a little bit to much for me and am considering this Maven spotter.
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    Favorite .300 RUM loads

    Would love to hear some of you guys favorite .300 RUM loads especially if any of you are loading with N570. I am a died in the wool .300 Win Mag fan boy but picked up a Christensen Arms Custom in .300 Rum. Haven't settled on a bullet weight and since I'm all ready a .30 caliber fanboy, I have a...
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    338-06 AI

    Those of you that have or have had this caliber, tell me about it, please. Have a chance to buy one and just wondering your experiences and thoughts. I have lots of .30 caliber rifles and many others up to .30 but none in .338 so it's tempting me.
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    My Chinese is getting Better

    All of this Chinese spam sure is helping me learn Chinese!
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    Looks like we're being SPAMMED!!!!!!

    I'm sure that all of the mods are out west and are still asleep but man I hope that you guys wake up soon and can block these posts before the system crashes with this overload!
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    Gun Contol

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    What's up with Berger?

    Does anyone know what's going on with Berger. I've been trying to acquire some more bullets to use on my upcoming elk hunt and I can't find any bullets locally or at any of the online stores. Every time that I call their help line I get sent to a voicemail box and no calls are returned. The...
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    Is the .300 Win Mag dead?

    After getting some great answers from you experienced guys on the 7mmSTW, I thought I'd start asking about my favorite caliber, the .300 Win mag. I have "several" rifles in a variety of calibers but even after shooting a different rifle/caliber all summer, when it comes time to head for the...
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    Why no love for the 7mmSTW?

    Always been intrigued by the 7mmSTW. Have never even shot one but always wondered why it never seemed to take off. Numbers looked great on paper but just wondering what I am missing.
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    Idaho controlled hunt draw results are out

    Instead of "SORRY!" you would think that they would at least say, "Thanks for your donation!"
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    28 Nosler

    Just perusing the new Nosler Reloading manual and the ballistics on the 28 Nosler are incredible. Was wondering if there are any of you out there that have experience with this cartridge and can say what it's like as far as accuracy, how well it likes different weight bullets and how much felt...
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    Happy Easter everyone

    He lives!!!!!!