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    Exo Belt Sizing (In between small/medium)

    Sent you a pm
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    exo mountain pack

    Yep just like this
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    Arrow Weight for Elk

    I've only been once and shot a cow with Douglas fir and bear greenies. Don't see cedar being an issue. I highly recommend surewood shafts. Heavy straight and durable douglas fir.
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    Fletching choices

    Three 5" LW I seem to change colors a lot but my favorites are natural barred white and pink. I like a chartreuse nock most of the time.
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    Wood or carbon for the mnts.

    Actually LostArra check out surewood shafts Douglas fir. My 29" arrows 60-65 spine with 125gr bear greenies came in around 560. The shafts were I believe 480 gr at 33" I did use several coats of poly hunted for 7 days it rained everyday and my arrows did fine even shot my first elk. Wood is...
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    What is your mountain hunting boot of choice?

    Lowa renegades 8 days with wet feet and not one blister. I'm happy
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    Let's see some traditional harvests!

    First elk hunt.
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    Knee pain

    My knees feel great. Jogging squats packed a small but whole whitetail out on my back just for kicks. But I've been researching knee strengthing exercises both preventive and therapy type. Hoping to avoid this next year! Thanks for all the advice.
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    what is the most weight you have lost (body weight) on a backcountry trip?

    12lbs in 8 days. I eat around 2700 to 3500 calories normally took only 2700 per day on my trip. I looked like I was on crack when I got home! Lol
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    Traditional a handicap?

    Joe, I don't disagree but I do disagree. I believe hunting experience plays a much bigger part in someone's "handicap" But on the other hand take a person that is experienced in both hunting and proficient with both compound and trad gear. Then yes your odds go up with a compound. I am an each...
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    Traditional a handicap?

    I went on my first elk hunt and shot a cow this year. Many people commented great job and with trad bow. How many of you feel like a simple stick n sting is a handicap? Me personally I've shot compounds with sights etc and to me that's a handicap. When I have a critter in front of me it's just a...
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    Knee pain

    Thanks Boom & Jager I'll give it a try.
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    Spike Camp Hunting Techniques

    This year was my first time elk hunting. I started out about 3 miles in but due to hunting pressure I ended up 5 1/2 miles in camped about 1/2 mile from the elk ended up shooting a cow 6 1/2 miles in. I think hunting pressure weather and time to pack an animal out dictate the how far. I looked...
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    Anyone shoot an elk with a pack on?

    Lol I stopped worrying about my neighbors long ago backpacking while mowing the lawn makes you that crazy neighbor :)
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    Anyone shoot an elk with a pack on?

    I did with with day gear. I practiced a lot with it loaded up and it took getting use to. But come crunch time never even thought about it. And yes I connected with stick bow 25yds.
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    Knee pain

    Thanks everyone. I'll keep icing it down and try and rest it as much as possible. If it isn't better in a couple weeks I'll visit the doc.
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    Knee pain

    The pain is right under the bottom of my knee. The first week it actually hurt to touch it. In the mountains both knees hurt like an sob! Down hills with a load were absolutely brutal! And stepping over downfalls with my right knee was excruciating!
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    Knee pain

    It hurts going up more than down. Been 3 weeks now I think? Lol I've been to the gym 3 times trying to get some cardo in and last time I jogged 4 miles on a hill setting paid for it the next day! It's really bumming me out because I just stopped doing anything lower body wise. It is stiff and...
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    Knee pain

    Been back from Colorado for over a week and my right knee is still hurting. I don't think I twisted it or anything damaging while in the mountains? Anyone else have issues after hiking for several days?