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    Custom saddles

    I have taps as well. In the summer when just riding I don't have them on, but come fall they go back on as I run hounds and am off trail more than on. I like them for the warmth, keeping my feet dry in rain and sometimes at water crossings, and protection from the brush and sticks getting...
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    WTS/WTT Silent Predator Insulated Wool Bibs

    Bump for a great product. I have their jacket and love it. I put it in the same category as Sleeping Indian or King Of The Mountain products. Good luck with your sale.
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    WTS WTS NIB Cascade Mountain Carbon Trekking Poles

    Thats a good deal, bump
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    I have nightmares about going to the dentist. No nightmares about my vasectomy. It was about 18 years ago. I was awake for the procedure but it was quick and easy. Really don't remember much about it. Sat on cold peas that afternoon, didn't really need them. DEFINITELY feels better with...
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    WTS Box of 8 rifle/shotgun slings

    Price on #6?
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    TSA approved gun case questions.

    I have no idea! I bought it last week in anticipation of a week in Wyoming visiting my son. I plan to bring my .308 and shoot it at the canyon range and hopefully a few coyotes. But I will let you know how it works after that!
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    TSA approved gun case questions.

    I went to harbor freight and bought the Apache gun case. Has wheels and a top handle. Four padlock spots. Seems tough and rugged like a pelican
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    WTB Boys youth camo

    Forgot to mention, I have 2 pair of green wool hunting pants. 32" waist. 40 inches from top of belt line to cuff. Great to stay warm and can layer under camo shell. Fresh from dry cleaner. One is from Codet, the other is unnamed. Both have suspender buttons. $50 each shipped or $90 shipped for...
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    WTB Boys youth camo

    Great to take kids hunting! This was my son's ghilly suit. Baseball cap, jacket and pants. pants have an elastic waist. I wear 32X32 pants and can put these on. a snug in the waist for me over jeans, but the length is fine. I wear large/XL t-shirts and can put this jacket on. I say that...
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    Horse wrecks and adventures

    Definitely keep the stories coming!! Hopefully more members will chime in!
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    Horse wrecks and adventures

    I had a palomino quarter horse(X-wife's horse). I've never been partial to palomino's. Anyway, this horse would be walking up the steep slope up the trail, stop, then start walking backwards faster and faster. As in lost control almost a run backwards. I couldn't get him to stop and did it...
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    WTS Jones Knives - Predator -

    Free bump for a beautiful blade!!
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    Horse wrecks and adventures

    I was riding a borrowed horse. Knew nothing about it. A dog shows up out of nowhere and the owner of the horse said "SHIT!" That was the last thing I remember. When I woke up, I was under a tree, flat on my back. Long story short, broken collar bone, broken ribs, even my diaphragm muscle...
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    Horse wrecks and adventures

    WOW!!! Glad your OK
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    WTS Youth, smaller man/woman ghillie suit

    Still available, make offer
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    Horse wrecks and adventures

    Great thread topic. I'm trying to remember any wrecks I've had that are worthy of sharing, Hopefully we'll have som more people chime in!! Seems like this is the case most of the time.
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    WTS Whites Smoke Jumper boots. Size 8 E

    ***SOLD*** Pair of Whites Boots. I think they are the Smoke Jumpers. Size 8E. I just put a fresh coat of leather seal on them. No cracks in the leather at the bend points or anywhere. Definitely used, but a ton of life left in them. I traded for them years back. They didn't fit so I gave...