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    WTS 300 prc and 6.5 prc barreled actions forsale

    have the following forsale. Can make them complete if you want. 1-300 prc Mack brothers evo2 long action Benchmark ss blank wrapped in carbon, 1-9 twist finished at 22inches. Timed break with 5/8x24 threads Price $2000 shipped 1- 6.5 prc with long throat reamer Mack brothers evo2 long action...
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    WTS Two Mcmillian Hunter edge stocks

    Brand new.. Remington 700 long action inlet, spotter barrel channel. BDL bottom metal Black one -24.5 ounces White/grey speckles-26 ounces 530 per stock shipped.. 1030 for both Kasey
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    Sold Kifaru lost parka multicam

    Great condition not worn much. Too big for me. Size Xlarge.. Price $250 shipped Kasey 5416536088
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    WTS 7wsm lightweight rifle

    I have a lightweight 7wsm rifle I'd like to sell.. under 100 rounds fired of all factory ammo and it shot well. Would be a hammer with handloads. -tuebor legion action, DLC bolt short action -hawkins bottom metal, wyatts box mag spring and follower -trigger tech primary trigger set at just...
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    WTS Kelbly nanook lapua boltface

    As title states I would like to sell an extra action. New kelbly nanook action with a .750 bolt in lapua bolt face. Action is cut for wyatts box or detachable mag. Full nitride coating and 27ounces complete Price 1450 shipped Kasey
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    WTB Meopta 15x56

    In need!! Woukd love another set thanks Kasey
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    WTS Kelbly Nanook action MagBf

    I have a new in box kelbly nanook action forsale. Integrated lug and 20moa rail. Full nitride coatingas well, right hand magnum bolt face. Cut for wyatts or DBM LONG ACTION Price$1475 shipped Can get more pics on request these are amazing actions. Kasey
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    WTS 5-25x56 Mark5 HD impact 60 forsale

    Got this in trade and going to sell it. Looks like very slight ring Mark's from use from previous owner.. MOA dials and impact 60 reticle. Comes with box and sunshade Price$1625 shipped insurance is extra Kasey
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    WTS Leupold bx5 binos forsale, lots of different magnifications!!!

    I'm getting rid of some new opened and new un opened binos. I have way too many binos so these must go! Please, no trades thank you 1x- BX4 Pro Guide 8x42 new in box never opened, shadow grey$400 2x- Bx5 santiam HDs 10x42 binos, new but opened to take pictures/test at home. Shadow grey and...
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    Sold Leupold Santiam Hd binos x2

    I have two pairs of brand new Santiam HD binos for sale, both 15x56.. details ad followed, and no trades thank you 1-Santiam HD 15x56 binos with box and all paperwork Shadow grey price$850 shipped - Santiam HD 15x56 binos with box and paperwork Sitka sub alpine price$ 850 shipped No trades...
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    Need some for some builds... I have the following for trade 300 PRC lapua brass 300 prc ADG brass 7mm 180 eldms 7mm 175 berger elites 30 cal 205 berger elite hunters 30cal 215 berger hybrids 30 cal 230 grain atips 30 cal 250 grain atips 30 cal 245 berger elites 338 300 elite hunters 338 300...
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    WTB Custom short actions

    Wanting a couple custom short sctions.. 308 and mag bf.. will consider rem 700 actions as well.. thank you Kasey 5416536088
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    WTS/WTT Powders in oregon...

    I have 10lbs of varget, 8lbers of rl16....rl33...and h4350 i want to TRADE for the following N570 N568 H1000 N565 Rl26 Let ke know if you have something id want Kasey 5416536088
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    WTB Short action rem/clone lightweight stocks

    Looking for some short action stocks that fit a remington 700/clone. Proof lite channel or sendero channel. Prefer m5 inlet but can always make it m5 from bdl.. Let me know whatvyou have..looking for lightweight nothing over 2ish lbs prefered thanks Kasey 5416536088
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    WTS Benchmark carbon 6.5/280ai

    ch and release from this site. purchased this about 6 months ago for a friend that wanted it off a member here. Was not as adverised so my friend didnt want it. I had plans to play with it but never did. Rifle was built by benchmark barrels i called and confirmed that atleast.. -remington model...
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    Sold Like new 15x56 Santiam HDs

    Been to the range 1 session otherwise sitting in the box. Wont use them ky loss someones gain. Very impressed with the glass quality. BX5 Santiam HD binos. With bkx and all paperwork Paid 1199 950 shipped OBO Kasey 5416536088
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    WTS Custom Titanium 7mm rem mag

    Hey all, Another piece of art forsale. Built for someone that ended up not wanting it so shes forsale. Full lightweight build with the following parts -24inch benchmark carbon barrel 1/8.4 twist threaded 5/8x24 with 4 port break timed to action -trigger tech trigger set at 1.5lbs -hawkins...
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    WTS Bows forsale.. hoyt helix and bowtech realm X

    Both bows in great shape.. minor wear both got new strings before 2021 season. #1 2020 hoyt helix 70#RH set at 27.5 currently. Tuned at the bow rack before 2021 season.Gas strings, carbon fiber stableizer, drop away rest, 5 pin trophy ridge react site all new this yr. Very quiet, flat shooting...
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    Sold Federal large rifle 210 Primers forsale

    I have 4 boxes of federal 210 large rifle primers if like to sell.. located in oregon, thought I ordered 215s but natchez said didnt and I dont need 210s. Price is 85/1000 Located near eugene, oregon. Shipping would be more. I would also trade for 215s or 215m primers Kasey 5416536088
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    WTS Custom carbon 7mag BA

    I have a good condition 7mm mag put together by benchmark barrels. Blueprinting was done by chad at LRI Rem 700 ss action fully blue painted with m16 extractor and threaded bolt handle Benchmark ss mtu contour barrel I had carbon wrapped by company that does ragged hole barrels wrapping...