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  1. passinggas33

    Dry Ice

    How many pounds do people normally use for say a 110L cooler? Or a large white igloo cooler from Costco? This idea intrigues me and I’ve never tried it before. So this might be the year…
  2. passinggas33

    A family backpacking shelter

    I’m in a somewhat similar situation but there are six of us. I have been using the seek outside redcliff with a custom mesh insert from bear paw designs. It’s still reasonable light and I can get us all in there (no stove). I make each of my kids carry their sleeping bag and water. (About 5...
  3. passinggas33

    Nemo Tracker 2P Tent

    Nothing? I was hoping to read up more about this tent. Bummer.
  4. passinggas33

    ARGALI RINCON 2P is in my hands.

    I think the LBO nest from SO would fit pretty nice in this set up. At least according to the numbers it would be a fit. I wish I wouldn’t have just sold mine or I would be giving it a try. Though the SO nest would double the weight and put it at near the same weight as a KUIU mtn star tent.
  5. passinggas33

    ARGALI RINCON 2P is in my hands.

    Please post some pics after your adventure into the Frank. Mine gets here today, right before I leave on a trip 😭. Now I have to wait a week before I get to lay hands on mine. Super excited about it. Especially knowing the weights are pretty darn accurate!!
  6. passinggas33

    270 wsm 150gr accubond

    Depending on the twist rate of the barrel you may struggle to stabilize a 150 out of a 270wsm. My gun really likes the 140AB but struggled to stabilize anything much longer than that. Just a thought. I think it would be an amazing “do most” bullet if you can get it to stabilize.
  7. passinggas33

    Browning Chassis

    Does anyone know of a folding chassis that would fit a Browning action? I’ve looked high and low and can’t seem to find any manufacturer that has it listed as a possible action. Any insight would be awesome and appreciated! Thanks!!
  8. passinggas33

    REI Magma 15 vs Kuiu super down pro 15

    I haven’t looked in a while but if I remember right, there was a difference in the down. Not a tremendous difference but there was a difference. Is it a $260 difference?? 🤷🏻 I have the KUIU but in the 0 degree bag, and I really like it. It’s very roomy and comfortable. I also thought the size...
  9. passinggas33

    WTB KUIU Insulated Snap Shirt L

    Bump. Trying to find one still. Thanks!
  10. passinggas33

    Load Development and Suppressors

    Hopefully I can articulate my question well enough…I have every intention of moving from muzzle brakes over to suppressors. Currently I can only afford one suppressor and I’m still in jail waiting for it. In preperation for the suppressor I sent all of my guns to the gunsmith and have him remove...
  11. passinggas33

    Binocular didgiscoping adapter for newby?

    Another scopecam user here. Tried pretty much all of them and settled on this one. Only drawback is having to buy a new scopecam phone case when I upgrade my phone (once every three years or so).
  12. passinggas33

    Tripod for a Kowa 553

    The one that comes with it is pretty long and quite flimsy in my opinion. The other one is shorter and sturdier. Without the few extra inches the tripod wasn’t tall enough for me when sitting but it was too much with the supplied extension. So this other one was just right for me, Mr. Goldielocks.
  13. passinggas33

    Tripod for a Kowa 553

    One of my purposes in buying the 553 was to go as light as I possible could. So for my true backpacking hunts I pair my 553 with this tripod… I paired it with this...
  14. passinggas33

    SKRE Ptarmigan in the Outlet

    I too am a little suspicious of this jacket and information so far. Just got it today and have it “airing out”. Or hopefully in this case airing up cause right now my KUIU super ultra down has more loft that this one with 1/2 the fill. If I don’t see some significant improvements, I’ll be...
  15. passinggas33

    What Would YOU Do

    Not sure what you consider “lightweight” but I bought a browning a bolt pretty cheap. Super nice to carry and very accurate. I think it was under $400 with tax.
  16. passinggas33

    WTB KUIU Insulated Snap Shirt XL

    Starting this back up again. Never found exactly what I was hoping for. Still looking for one in black or a camo pattern.
  17. passinggas33

    Sold Durston X-Mid2

    Brand new Durston X-Mid2. Latest run (Spring 2022). I did set up in yard to check it out and to set pole height, look at interior, etc. But that is it. Also comes with 2 Tarptent carbon fiber poles for use if you would wanted to not use trekking poles (marked with white paint to show proper...
  18. passinggas33

    Durston X-Mid Tents

    So far so good. Haven’t really pushed their limits though. Mainly just some light summer stuff and early fall. No snow or substantial wind. Sorry. Not great feedback.
  19. passinggas33

    Durston X-Mid Tents

    This is the set that I bought to go with my XMid2. Seem to work very well so far. Interested to see what Dan has come up with.