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  1. Jbehredt

    Who's going to the Kifaru Grand Opening Party?

    Kifaru doesn’t live in CO anymore either. Hence the grand opening.
  2. Jbehredt

    Local shop?

    If 1shot sells what I’m after I won’t buy it anywhere else.
  3. Jbehredt

    Colorado Leftover List

    Could be three different tags that were turned in. Any returned tags will continue to appear on these lists.
  4. Jbehredt

    Glock 20 Won't Run

    Exactly. What’s left of his Glock 20 functions fine. The hodge podge of aftermarket parts is the issue.
  5. Jbehredt

    40 days out.

    Opening day might not be much fun but I refuse to spend it at work thinking about all of the out of staters killing MY elk!
  6. Jbehredt

    School A Long Time Floorless Guy on Floored Tents.

    I’ve got a copper spur ul3 for creepy crawly habitat. No complaints.
  7. Jbehredt

    Weather averages for North of Brooks Range?

    It may be July but it’s still way way up there. Take warm clothes.
  8. Jbehredt

    Responsible Gun Owner Kills Mall Shooter

    But the people calling the shots want inflated numbers so they can use the emotions of the uninformed/misinformed to demand action.
  9. Jbehredt

    Weather averages for North of Brooks Range?

    I watch Wiseman.
  10. Jbehredt

    Kimber Montana

    Pretty. My favorite rifle to carry.
  11. Jbehredt

    PSA for the AR15 guys......

    Ugh. Sucks man.
  12. Jbehredt

    Bow hunting during muzzleloader season in Colorado.

    Had a shot fired into a herd I was dogging. Didn’t scare me enough. Couple years later I called one in with his rifle at the ready looking very confused by me waving my arms and speaking sternly. Decided to add some flashes of orange to my wardrobe. At a minimum I keep an orange bandana on my...
  13. Jbehredt

    Here fishy fishy….

    Beats 6x on a sz 20 midge! Good luck!
  14. Jbehredt

    Is a 70 pound bow with an Iron Will broad head enough to blow through an elk at 60-70 yards?

    Blow the lung right out of their body.
  15. Jbehredt

    First week of September too early?

    Responding, yes. Vocally, not as much.
  16. Jbehredt

    Colorado Second Draw

    40 ish
  17. Jbehredt

    Messed up, stuck in GMU 104 in colorado. Anyone know a trespass fee i could pay?

    That’s tough. 104 is where I jokingly tell non residents to apply since it’s so convenient from the airport.
  18. Jbehredt

    Colorado Second Draw

    Run and hide ladies! Run and hide. Gots myself a rifle cow tag!
  19. Jbehredt

    Colorado Second Draw

    But you’re a doe hunter…