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  1. Carlin59

    Sold Kuiu Yukon Gaiters - Valo

    Brand new Kuiu Yukon gaiters, Size XXL, in Valo pattern. Per Kuiu sizing guide, these fit boot sizes 11 and up, and calf circumferences 18”+. $85 TYD. These are $99 retail. Thanks for looking, Cody
  2. Carlin59

    CO Wolf on Film-Hush video

    Saw the Hush guys captured a wolf on film on a recently posted 4th season deer tag. Film was a little grainy, but certainly looked like a wolf to me (but I’m no expert, only have seen a few in the wild). Curious if anyone has an idea of what part of the state they were in? North park pack, or a...
  3. Carlin59

    Cabela's Gift Card to burn-Any tripod worthwhile? (Spotter, bino, and ideally rifle compatible)

    My boss graciously threw me a $250 Cabela's gift card recently. With all of the extra deals right now (Raise, Active Junky at 14% cash back), I'd like to roll this into a serviceable tripod. With that said, the Cabela's ((/BassPro, same inventory now) offerings appear pretty limited. Here are...
  4. Carlin59

    Free Bugle Magazines-Denver Area

    Hi All, the home office is getting crowded with baby #2 due in a few weeks. If anyone in the Denver metro area would like a stack of RMEF Bugle magazines (new hunter, young kids, winter reading, art project, etc) please PM me. The dates go back to 2014, so lots of good info and stories. Thanks...
  5. Carlin59

    WTS Remington 700 LA BDL Laminate Thumbhole Stock

    Like-new replacement laminated wood stock for a Remington Model 700, right-hand long action. Inlet for a BDL-style floor plate. The rifle hasn't been sanded or modified to my knowledge or that I can find evidence of. Inherited this from a cousin who recently passed, and to my knowledge it was...
  6. Carlin59

    Pic Rail Suggestions ~$100; Steel vs. Aluminum

    Hi Everyone, I'm setting up a M700 in 7RUM (details here ). I'm currently stuck on what rail to put on it. I've had a reality check that isn't going to be a full on custom or even semi-custom build. Instead, I'm...
  7. Carlin59

    Inherited 7 RUM-Where to start/WWYD?

    Hi Guys, A little background (warning: long post, but I appreciate any input). I inherited a Rem. 700 in 7mm RUM from a close cousin of mine that recently passed. He purchased it after coming back from Afghanistan with hopes of hunting "out West" with it, but never got the chance. I think this...
  8. Carlin59

    WTS NIB Top of the line Steiner 10x44-50% off MSRP

    Looking to sell a NIB pair of Steiner Wildlife XP 10x44 binos. This is their top end bino, MSRP of $2100, looking to get $1050 TYD for them. Link to more info: Open to offers, our first child is due 8/28 and I would like to move these...
  9. Carlin59

    WTS Steiner Wildlife XP 10x44

    Looking to sell a NIB pair of Steiner Wildlife XP 10x44 binos. This is their top end bino, MSRP of $2100, looking to get $1200 TYD for them. Link to more info: Open to offers, our first child is due 8/28 and I would like to move these...
  10. Carlin59

    WTS Camper Van in Colorado Springs

    Not sure if this is allowed, mods feel free to delete if not. A friend is moving to Germany and selling his camper van. He did all of the work himself and it is really impressive. Just wanted to pass it along if anyone is interested in a sweet potential hunting/adventure rig...
  11. Carlin59

    Havalon Knock-off $15

    Looks like a decent option for a spare/gift: Wiebe Monarch Folding Knife - Gander Outdoors Not sure if it takes 60A or 60XT blades, but for the price can't hurt to pick up one.
  12. Carlin59

    FS: Kifaru Duplex Belt Size S Wolf Gray $75

    Wolf Gray Size Small Kifaru Hip belt for sale, $75 TYD. Used for two seasons. No holes, tears, or stains. Only selling since I finally admitted to myself I'm too fat for a small and moved up to a medium. Thanks! Cody
  13. Carlin59

    Eddie Bauer Sleeping Bags on sale plus 40% off

    Their 20 and 0 degree synthetic bags are on sale, plus 40% off and free shipping. I just picked up a 0 degree long shipped for less than $120. These use climashield apex (fill weight isn't listed). Figured it was worth a shot to order one and see if it like it or not. Igniter 0 Synthetic...
  14. Carlin59

    Eddie Bauer Primaloft Pants-$65 shipped

    Eddie Bauer Igniter pants, 100 grams primaloft gold, $65 shipped with promotion code Excursion. Men's Igniter Pants | Eddie Bauer
  15. Carlin59

    Belt Suggestions; Experience with the new Kifaru belt?

    I've decided I need a new belt after a season dissatified with the BlackOvis belt (that is similiar to many other belts on the market). The buckle is too bulky, and slips too much for my liking. What is everyone's favorite belt for under a packbelt, that doesn't slip? The updated Kifaru belt is...
  16. Carlin59

    Go-Lite SL3 (Big Agnes Version)-$215

    Big Agnes Yahmonite Tent 3 Person, 3 Season - Tents - Tents & Shelters - Big Agnes - The Best Brands $215 after the additional 22% off code applied. It looks like Campsaver used the same pic of the SL5 for the SL3 and SL5, so be warned (SL3 is hexagonal, SL5 is square). I have the SL3 and like...
  17. Carlin59

    Cabela's MicroTex Shirts and Pants under $20, plus MicroTex Lite

    Looks like certain colors of the MicroTex shirts and pants are available for $15 and $18 respectively. Also, the MicroTex Lite is back. I know several guys use the MicroTex line as a tough, lower cost alternative to the high-end hunting clothes companies. Cabela's Online Store - Quality...
  18. Carlin59

    Sub-Legal CO Bull left to rot-PM if you saw anything

    I went up to help my Dad with his 1st Season bull tag this weekend, Unit 4, Colorado. It was the usual scene, with lots of hunters, lots of elk running around, but an overall great time with my dad. Sunday morning we came across the following: Pretty sad to see a young bull left to rot...
  19. Carlin59

    GoLite Poncho Tarp is Back

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I know several people were bummed they weren't able to grab a Poncho Tarp before the original GoLite went under. They appear to be back for $69 under the new My Trail Co brand: Poncho UL Tarp – My Trail Company
  20. Carlin59

    CO Leftover List Posted

    CO leftover list is now available: