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  1. wk93

    Factory Ammo suggestions for Christensen Arms Mesa 300 Win Mag

    I've always had good luck with the Barnes offerings in my rifles.
  2. wk93

    Long Range Idaho Black Bear

    That's a super nice bear. Congrats. Someday I'll shoot one like that!
  3. wk93

    High Fence Freak

    And to think people will pay big money to shoot something like this because they can't get one in the wild.
  4. wk93

    2014 Oregon Roosevelt

    Great job! That's a beautiful bull!
  5. wk93

    Another Washington guy

    What part of Western Washington? We might not be too far away from one another.
  6. wk93

    Archery success Utah

    Congrats! That thing is a beast. I wish the deer in my state grew like that!
  7. wk93

    .257 Roberts any users on here?

    I love the .257 Roberts! I've never owned one but my uncle did and I use to use it. I'm going to buy it from him someday. Right now I usually just use my 25.06 and it gets the job done.
  8. wk93

    How do you do it?

    Wow guys thanks for the advice. All of you definitely have the system that works for you. I'll have to take many of these into consideration as they all seems like great ideas.
  9. wk93

    How do you do it?

    The thing I enjoy most is actually taking my Kayak out! But I always tend to stop because I use it for fishing so I always tend to find a spot to fish at [emoji1]
  10. wk93

    How do you do it?

    How do you guys have the ambition to constantly stay on top of working out on a regular basis? I have the most difficult time doing that as I just tend to slack off.
  11. wk93

    Vortex option help??

    I would step up to the Vipers. I have the diamondbacks. I like them and they work fine for me, but have been contiplating on upgrading for sometime now.
  12. wk93

    Lets Introduce ourselves!

    William 20 but almost 21 thankfully Full time student studying criminal justice and almost done with that. I enjoy just being outdoors in general no matter what it is, but prefer hunting and fishing. I live in Southwest Washington and love it.
  13. wk93

    To carry a pistol in the backcountry?

    I always carry my .40 just in case I run into some tweaker. It's just makes me feel safer. I'm still undecided if I want to step up to a 10mm for having a woods sidearm.
  14. wk93

    What do I do when "SHE" says I have to many racks and need to shoot cows n doe's ?

    You guys are lucky. My girlfriend doesn't want anything on the wall except a bear rug.... Looks like I need to keep on her and change her mind like you guys did!
  15. wk93

    257 Roy

    I was going to get one, but decided on the 25-06. I couldn't afford the Roy. It's a tack driver and I've taken deer at 400 yards with no problem.
  16. wk93

    Blacktail Rut Action

    I could watch this stuff all day. It's funny how dumb Blacktail get during the rut.
  17. wk93

    sub $300 rifle scope recommendations?

    I've got a vortex diamondback 4-12x40 on my 25.06. It's a tough scope. Shot a deer with it on Monday at 400 yards. It held up through the rocks and canyons. I got mine for 183 bucks from elknut.
  18. wk93

    New Truck?

    I would look into a 2013 f150 stx 4x4 with the 5.0. From what I've seen, it gets about the same mileage in the real world as the ecoboost and had plenty of power. Fords nowadays seem really expensive for Msrp, but they offer huge discounts. In my area you can even get them14,000 off the sticker...
  19. wk93

    My Rig

    I almost bought one of those a couple years ago. Almost wish I would have.
  20. wk93

    Sako 85

    I've been wanting one of those Finn lights for quite a while, but have never actually seen one nor do I have the coin right now. They looks amazing though.