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    308 win. 200 gr. tsx

    I have a new tikka 308 win. with a 20" bl. supposedly with an 11" twist. I have some win.760 witch Barnes says is fine for the 200tsx in a 308 winny. Problem is Barnes recommends a 10" or faster twist. This would be a 200 yard tops california blackbear load. Plus I'm bored. Anyone with...
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    RIFLE WEIGHT 6.5 vs. 7 lbs.

    Lightest gun I ever shot was a 7 lb. all up tikka in .270. Had no real problems shooting it, but it got stolen. Thinking about a kimber hunter at 6.5 lbs. all up. Ya'll think 1/2 pound lighter would be significantly more difficult to shoot as in holding the rifle steady? I don't think recoil...
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    This is a great tarp from "Bearpaw Wilderness Designs". It is a doorless "La Garita 2" model. Weighs 17 oz. by my scale. 8' wide by 10' long. Comes with a pole set or use trekking poles. $80 tyd Weight of 17 oz. includes the stuff sack...
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    Size 11. These boots have been worn once on a 5 mile out and back . $225 TYD. Will post pictures later.
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    These boots have been worn once on a 5 mile out and back, $225 to your door. Will post pictures later.
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    Cold bears!

    I plan on going on my first solo backpack bear hunt in December in the Trinity Alps if it doesn't get snowed in. The temps at night up there should not get much colder than about 25 at night and I don't plan on camping any further from my truck than about 3 miles. So what if I kill a bear at...
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    Pac boots for backpacking

    I know there are alot of threads here about pac boots, but I havnt seen anything that answers this question. Im specifically talking about Hoffmans outback or thins. Does anyone wear these on backpack hunts?
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    T3 or Kimber Hunter

    Ive just had my 2nd knee surgery & the other knee aint that great either @ 53 years old. Ive lost 30 lbs. this year & the backpack hunting gear I have is top notch & I cant get much lighter there. Thinking of selling my t3 lite in .270 win. & buying the kimber hunter in .270. I love my tikka but...
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    Bottom metal

    I see a lot of talk here about lightening rifles like the Tikka T3 Lite by putting an ultra lite stock like a McMillan Edge on it, but if you do that with the idea of shaving off 4 or 5 .oz, don't you then add a couple .oz plus maybe a couple hundred more dollars on new bottom metal? I never see...
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    ruger blackhawk holsters

    Thought Id put these up for a weak or so. I have for sale one "Guides choice chest holster" from Diamond D custom leather from Wasilla Alaska that fits a new model ruger Blackhawk with a 4.6 inch barrel. Comes with removable flap & extra screws, still looks new exept for the shoulder strap being...
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    water storage in sub freezing weather

    Came home empty handed from deer season this year.(again) So Ive decided one way to extend my hunting season here in cali. is to take up late fall bear hunting. Ive began putting together gear for cold weather backpack hunts, but I was wondering what everyone here does for water storage in sub...
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    Paratarp & stove

    Just used my paratarp for the first time, & its great. My question is, what if its rainin & snowin & freezing , & I want to use an annex & stove. How do I fit me my pack & a bunch of wood Im trying to dry out in that little thing? If youre going to tell me to just deal with it, please be someone...
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    Gear storage

    I know Ive seen this mentioned before, but I need clarification. I have a new slick bag,"20 degree" coming, & I run a thermarest x-lite & a ti-goat bivy. Im wonderin , why not keep the slick bag & thermarest inside the bivy, roll it all up, slide it in a "Kifaru 5 string stuff sack" & carry it...
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    Bear meat

    Im now interested in bear hunting. Black bears to be exact. Once you kill one, & its boned out, can you hang it in the cool shade for a couple a days like you may hang venison? Or does it need to be processed & frozen imediately? What about the hide? Is it easy to make a rug without spending a...
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    Hairy Meat !

    Ive been huntin California mulies for a couple a years now with good success, thanx to the backpack gear,mentallity & people like u who are more experienced than me. I post this on this forum because this question doesnt have to apply to mulies only. I will b leavin in 4 days for a solo...
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    3 moa 3 shot groups !

    Early this year, I bought a cheap lightweight rifle, to see if I would like a rifle that light.(7# all up) Problem is that it is hard to get much better than 2 to 3 moa, 3 shot groups out of this thing. Their customer service says it wont do any better. I most definately plan on buying a quality...
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    alarm clock

    whats everyone useing ? my watch isnt loud enough, cell phone wont last long, i had a cheapy alarm clock from the drug store that eventually went kaput. i hunt solo & am very hard of hearing (i wear hearing aids when im awake & no i cant wear them to bed). so what say u ? speak up !