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  1. kpk

    Whitetail trailcam picture

    Friend of mine got this guy on his camera the other day. We see deer with antlers show up like this every few years, but I don't know if I've seen one with a body like this. Unfortunately, the bucks like this seem to be completely nocturnal, and they don't slip up.
  2. kpk

    Wyoming Type 6 questions (special archery)

    I'm not sure I'm understanding this special archery season correctly. It looks like if we drew a type 6, we could buy the special archery license for an additional $72 to hunt the early archery season? Would doing the special archery be a more enjoyable or possibly higher success rate hunt...
  3. kpk

    What's it worth? 2002 7.3 powerstroke with 3k (hit by tornado)

    So, my dad has this truck. It was his "spare" for his primary work truck. He had it in storage and was literally hit by a tornado. He's done working so he's thinking now may be the time to sell it, but has no idea what it's worth and neither do I with the current market conditions. It's a...
  4. kpk

    Sold Tikka T3 tactical stock with adjustable cheek piece

    I recently bought a barrel and stock on Ebay - I only wanted the barrel. The stock is from an original T3 Tactical and has standard bottom metal, NOT CTR metal. This is T3, NOT T3x, so it does not have the interchangeable grip. Overall, the stock is in very good shape with only minor scuffs...
  5. kpk

    WTB Nightforce SHV F1 MIL (or black LRTSi)

    Anybody have one of these they're not using and willing to part with? Looking for the 4-14 or 3-12 in MIL only.
  6. kpk

    WTB WTB Tikka 308 heavy barrel

    Anybody have one of these laying around? CTR/varmint profile or something similar, preferrably 20+". Kicking around the idea of swapping some stuff around as I have several hundred 308 reloads laying around.
  7. kpk

    Jalapeño Popper Burger

    I made these last night and decided to share as they turned out fantastic. Definitely one of the best things I've made with wild-game burger and will be making them again - and probably often. Prep time was all of about 10 minutes and super easy. 1lb of venison burger - I grind mine with 20%...
  8. kpk

    WTS Mammut Kento Pro 9.5

    Mammut Kento Pro 9.5. About 10 miles on these - all in the snow so they still look brand new. I really liked these but they're proving to be slightly too narrow in the forefoot for me. They're torsionally stiff but don't walk like a ski boot, 2 zone lacing, full rand, very comfortable, $150...
  9. kpk

    $500 bucks to blow - what are you buying?

    We got a gift card from work this year for a "thank you". I got a digital one so it can be used about anywhere. They expire in a few months so it's a use it or lose it. I've found myself in this odd situation of not knowing what to buy. Hunting seasons are over and I don't really need any gear...
  10. kpk

    Back to school advice.

    So, I'm considering taking some online classes. I took a career focused course about 17 years ago - got a diploma and have done well. However, in order to have many more choices where I'm currently employed, I need an associates degree. Where I went to school, offers a program that is an...
  11. kpk

    First hunt in grizzly country recap

    First off - thanks to those who gave me information on the area. It certainly helped us hit the ground running and likely saved us days of wandering around aimlessly. I drew a cow tag for a high grizzly density area this year. First time for both of us being in a "real" grizzly area. We were...
  12. kpk

    Cody area fishing

    Friend and I are heading to Cody later this week. Anyone have any recommendations on places we could fish an afternoon or two? We both have fly gear but aren't necessarily experts. We could pack spinning gear also if that'd be better. We'll be south of Cody and I have a cow tag, but I won't be...
  13. kpk

    Oversights that screwed you?

    Had an awakening last night while getting gear ready for some upcoming trips. I was in the basement just sorting stuff out and decided to set up my MSR hubba hubba. Figured my little girl would like playing in there for a few minutes. So, I start setting it up and come to the realization...
  14. kpk

    How much weight in the Avail 2200 without frame?

    I already have a stone glacier frame and sky bag...but am curious about the weight hauling capability of the Avail when it's not strapped on a frame. I'm mostly looking at the avail for daypack use in non-elk situations since it has some additional organization. Will I be able to stuff or strap...
  15. kpk

    pains of the terrible 2's

    I'm not even sure where to go with this other than to vent and ask for advice from like minded people. Both my wife and my family have managed to be quite successful in life due to being determined and driven. I knew when my now 2.5 year old was 1 - that she had received a double dose. Most...
  16. kpk

    Underwood has several 10mm loads in stock

    Not sure where to post this so sorry in advance but....... I just ordered 5 boxes of the 220gr flat nose direct from Underwood. I've been on a notify list for this stuff for a VERY long time. I never got an email - but it's showing in stock. There were also several others showing in stock while...
  17. kpk

    .284 eld-m and RL26 starting load?

    7mm RM 162 eld-m and RL 26 starting load.....was thinking 67 or 68 should be safe? Managed to pick up several hundred of these but can't find any loading info. from the manufacturers..... Looking to work up a load with these (for practice primarily) an then interchange with eld-x for hunting...
  18. kpk

    How far south to hunt hogs?

    I'm from MN - how far south do I need to go to find a decent hog hunting opportunity? Hoping to find something that could be done in 4 or 5 days including drive time. I don't want to deal with flying.
  19. kpk

    Anyone else see issues with Sportsmatch?

    I just took these out of the package to degrease them before mounting a new scope tonight. Literally all I have done is take the screws out. I ran a tap through the base to clean them out, but they're still not good. I'll rob 2 screws from another set I have. I'll fill the 2 in question with...
  20. kpk

    What kind of display case is this?

    I don't remember where I saw this but thought it was a cool idea. Anybody have an idea what this case/display was originally used for?