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  1. djlr55

    WTS/WTT Kifaru stuff

    PM Sent
  2. djlr55

    Sold Stone Glacier Avail 2200 Tan

    Very good condition w belt (not pictured) and water bottle holster. $215 TYD.
  3. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru Shape Charge MC

    $325 TYD
  4. djlr55

    WTS Firstlite, Kifaru & Exo

    PM on the belt pouch on the right.
  5. djlr55

    WTS Kuiu and Kifaru gear

    PM sent
  6. djlr55

    WTS Kifaru Stuff

    Pm on the pouch too.
  7. djlr55

    WTS Kifaru Stuff

    If split, I’ll take the MC grab it.
  8. djlr55

    Sold Hogg Father - Double Pin

    PM sent
  9. djlr55

    WTB Kifaru Camp Bag

  10. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru reckoning

    PM sent.
  11. djlr55

    WTB Kifaru Gun Bearer (Kifaru RH or Universal)

    I have one sent you a PM.
  12. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru Reckoning, Stryker, and Possibles Pullout

    PM inbound on possibles
  13. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru Sherman Pocket - RG

    Added tab for hydration bladder - SOLD
  14. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru Sherman Pockets - MC & Blaze Orange

    I’ll take the MC, PM on the way
  15. djlr55

    WTB or WTT for Kifaru Sherman Pocket

  16. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru shapecharge coyote

    Pm sent.
  17. djlr55

    WTB Kifaru Claymore RG

    Free bump.