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  1. Bighorse

    SE AK POW 2022 Coastal Boat based Black Bear

    Roksliders, I'm at it again. A few of ya know me, more don't. AK resident who hunts recreationally self guided. I like to hunt bears. Soon I'll be launching my boat from Ketchikan and running among the islands of South POW island, a aprox 100 mile run. I'll be crossing the broad southern...
  2. Bighorse

    Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces the results of the 2022 Drawing Permits today

    Thousands of interested sportsmen will find out if their Alaskan dream hunt will go forward. Sheep hunters ramp up their fitness rountines. Bear hunters get the big boomer out of the gun case. Ol' boys call their best pard to get the cabin reserved out north. Pilots squeal at the prospect of...
  3. Bighorse

    Called in a wolf

    Called in a wolf while deer hunting today in Alaska.
  4. Bighorse

    SE 2021 in pics

    Three days, climbed in and got on a pair of billies. Passed on one in cliffs at 75 yrds. The second stood up at 50 yrds in a flat spot. We camped on it and did our field chores the second day. We carried it out the third day. My 19th mountain goat.
  5. Bighorse

    Dream Hunt in progress, Aliulik Peninsula Spring 2021

    I figured a hunting forum is a great venue to share my enthusiasm today. My name is Chris and I live in Ketchikan, AK. I moved up to SE Alaska in 2003. I've been hunting all over this state. Living the dream, some would say. I pay to live here and sacrifice some to make dream hunts a...
  6. Bighorse

    Buying European Optics in Europe

    Hello everyone! Weird question. My daugher is in Hungary on a youth exchange. The exchange rate for the US dollar is very good there. Is there an advantage to having her purchase glass there? Are there other european makers other than Zeiss, Swaro, and Leica that should be considered that...
  7. Bighorse

    Go Pro Hero 3 with Phone Skope on Swaro

    I just ordered this combo. Are any of you willing to share a few of those pics here? If so some advice in regards to FOV and resolution would be appreciated. I've got the LCD back screen and the waterproof housing and will be using it atop a Swaro 80. So please clarify which scope your using...
  8. Bighorse

    Stone Glacier sky 7400 Vs. Seek Outside Pardox large volume

    Whats the verdict on these two packs in a head to head situation. Frame, fabric selection, load shelf vs no shelf, waist belts, weight? The price on em is nearly identical and the customer service seems to be a win/win. The Seek outside offers a sweet waterproof 330D waterproof camo fabric...
  9. Bighorse

    Late seasonPost Rut Roosevelt behavior

    Hello Roksliders, I'm wanting to discuss late season, post rut, Roosevelt bull behavior. I'm going into Etolin Island Nov 18th for a four or five day period. Historically I've hunted this area in Sept and October. This past September I found two rutting herds in a traditionally unknown area...