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    Marsupial Gear Discount code?

    Does anyone have a current discount code for Marsupial Gear that you’re willing to share? Thanks!
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    Marsupial vs Kuiu bino harness?

    I’m planning to replace an ancient badlands binocular harness and have narrowed my choices to the Marsupial enclosed and the Kuiu Pro bino harness. I will be using this for a set of Leica Noctivid 10x42 glasses, and plan to attach a rangefinder pouch and lanyard as well as a pouch to the bottom...
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    Tikka T3X Lite Roughtech vs Savage 110 UL

    My 13 year-old son is going elk hunting with me for the first time this year, and I'm thinking that he might prefer shooting a .308 to shooting my lightweight 300 WM. I also wouldn't mind adding a .308 bolt gun to my collection. I'm debating between picking up a Tikka T3X Lite Roughtech or...
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    Colorado Parks and Wildlife still fails at leftovers

    Another year that I can't even get to mt account despite logging in early. One would think that CPW could figure out how to deal with increased traffic when they release leftover tags...
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    Swarovski Z5 vs Nightforce SHV

    I am wrapping up my Tikka T3X 300 Win Mag build (already have a Manners EH stock, and am having the barrel threaded for a brake), and am now trying to decide on a scope. I am down to two options that are very different from one another, and would love to get input from those of you that have...
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    Which reticle for Leupold VX-5 HD?

    Which reticle do you guys tend to like in the Leupold VX-5 HD 3-15 for Western open country hunting? I’ll be mounting this on a Tikka T3x 300Win Mag.
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    Scope/DNZ rings for Tikka T3x 300 Win Mag

    I 'm building a Tikka T3x in 300 Win Mag, and am trying to select a scope and rings for the setup. I'm leaning towards a Vortex Razor HD LH 3-15x42 in a DNZ Game Reaper Mount. Does anyone know if I should use a Low or Medium mount with this setup? The 42mm objective seems to be right on the...
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    Manners Elite Hunter or Stocky’s Carbon Fiber Stock

    I’ve narrowed my choice for a new stock for my Tikka T3x to either a Manners Elite Hunter or a Stocky’s Carbon Fiber Layup Stock. Disregarding wait time which do you prefer and why?
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    Aftermarket stock for Tikka T3x

    I have a new Tikka T3x Lite 300 Win Mag inbound and I'm having a very difficult time finding a high quality (B&C doesn't qualify) aftermarket lightweight hunting stock for it that doesn't require modification for the ejection port. It seems like most manufacturers are sticking to the original...
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    Stock recommendations for Tikka T3x in 300 win Mag

    I’m in the process of building a Tikka T3x in 300 win Mag with a Hardy CF barrel, and am trying to select a good stock for the build. I’m planning to use the rifle for hunting and general long range shooting, so want to keep the weight somewhat in check. I’m looking at McMillan and Manners, and...
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    Alpha binocular conundrum

    Between an upcoming trip to Belize and just wanting to treat myself to better optics for hunting I have decided that it is time to upgrade from my trusty 10x42 Vortex Viper HDs. I'm looking at a wide variety of optics ranging from Leica Trinovids (~$900) to Swarovski SLC (~$1,550) , and finally...
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    Bugling in Colorado high country

    With opening day of archery season coming this weekend and a nice cold front having passed through the state last week has anyone been hearing bugling in the high country of Colorado?
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    WTB: 12 man UL tipi and stove

    I'm looking to buy a gently used Kifaru or Seek Outside 30d 12 man tipi and a Seek Outside L or SXL stove if anyone is looking to sell. Please post here or PM me if you have one you will part with.
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    Vortex 15-45X65 or 11-33X50

    I do quite a bit of high elevation archery backpack elk hunting, and have had a Vortex Viper HD 15-45x65 for the past few years. While I have liked the scope, I have found myself leaving it behind on my tougher trips due to weight constraints. At the end of last season I sent my scope in for...
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    Help my hunting partner's wife's small business

    If you have a spare 30 seconds will you please help my hunting partner's wife in her application for a grant for her small business? She is applying for a grant from Chase Mission Main Street, and needs 250 votes on Facebook to be considered. Here is how she explains her application: "I...
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    Elk on the West side of the Indian Peaks Wilderness?

    Has anyone hunted on the West side of the Indian Peaks Wilderness near Granby? I am thinking about heading up there for a scouting trip this weekend, but would be curious to know if any of you have any experience in the area near timberline?
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    Black Diamond Alpine Carbon trekking poles

    I thought I would pass along a heads up that Sierra Trading Post has Black Diamond Carbon trekking poles that are $159 at REI for about $90 shipped with discount. I just picked up a pair to replace a set that I broke last year. Coupon codes are: 30% off and free shipping: CNN09049 35% off...
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    Hill People Gear Kit Bag for elk hunting

    When I'm hunting Elk and I get into animals I will usually drop my pack (a Kifaru DT3) asap to call, stalk, and hopefully get a shot off. The result of this is that if I have a long stalk I might find myself far away from my food, water, and other gear. I'm thinking of adding a HPG kit bag...
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    Kifaru Grab-it on Gen 1 MR Dragon Slayer

    Kifaru Grab-it on Gen 1 MR Dragon Slayer? I am seriously thinking about picking up a Gen 1 MR Dragon Slayer, and I already have a Grab-It for my DT3. Does anyone know if I could attach the Grab-it to Gen the Dragon Slayer? There are molle loops on the side and bottom of the pack, so I think...
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    WY trophy bull almost walks over my buddy...

    Here's a video my buddy took of a huge bull that almost walked right over him in WY. He had a cow tag that he filled within 10 minutes of the video: