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  1. nphunter

    Good Gas Mileage Hunting Vehicle

    With fuel prices skyrocketing is has anyone started looking at alternative hunting vehicles? I'm currently using a Tacoma with a cap, roof rack, bumpers, and lift, I average about 13mpg during hunting season and 17 on the hwy. I have a couple of out-of-state hunts scheduled this fall and...
  2. nphunter

    Nevada Antelope Advice Needed

    Guys I got lucky and got an alternate tag for Unit 51 archery horns longer than ears antelope tag. I’m not familiar with the area and would love any pointers or advice from anyone that has hunted it. I put in because I was hoping to draw the early archery deer tag and though it would be fun to...
  3. nphunter

    Deer Herd Numbers vs Buck Harvest Rates

    Just want to start a conversation and maybe I will learn something. Oregon deer numbers are in the toilet and one of our biggest hunting groups OOC are pushing to reduce buck harvest numbers statewide. The reasoning is that we can't manage predators, no hounds, no nightvison, no IR for Cats or...
  4. nphunter

    WTB Vortex Skyline Tripod

    I'm looking for an older Vortex Skyline tripod, I have one currently and it's been great but since they don't make them anymore I'd like to have spare parts and another head so I can use the same base plates on all of my stuff.
  5. nphunter

    Anyone ever have Vortex Refurbish anything?

    Curious if anyone has had anything refurbished by Vortex. I have some Razor binos that I have been using and they are showing signs of wear. They still work great but i would like to have them replace eye cup rubber, polish a scratch out of a lens and paint the body since it’s worn through in...
  6. nphunter

    WTS/WTT Vortex Razor 16-48 65mm Angled

    I have a nice spotting scope for sale, the glass in this spotter is perfect and this is an excellent spotter. I bought it new from Vortex when they first came out for $1300. Very good optic and great image. The stay on neoprene case has been on since new, there are a few areas around the front...
  7. nphunter

    What is your go to piece of gear?

    What is your #1 go to piece of clothing, coat, base, pant, or whatever it might be. My go-to piece is probably my Chama Hoody wether it's 100deg or -20 the chama is the first thing I pull out of the bag. I recently picked up a Kiln to add but prefer my original chamas hands down.
  8. nphunter

    Oregon restriction change, no more open ignition required

    FYI for all the OR muzzleloader hunters out there, open ignition is no longer required. I would have preferred them to go further toward the traditional side personally. I really don't think allowing closed ignitions will change much since they still require BP or sub and no centerfire. Not...
  9. nphunter

    What do these bucks Score?

    My boys both have a Muzzleloader tag for whitetail here in Eastern Oregon, it's a first time youth tag that normally takes a person about 10 years to draw. The hunt will be from Nov. 20-Dec 15th and we plan on being there Nov. 18-28th or longer if necessary. I would love some advice on...
  10. nphunter

    Is this bull a shooter? What's his score?

    So we’re trying to find a decent bull for my buddies boy. He drew a Oregon Premium tag in an OTC archery unit, they only give out one tag per unit and it is any weapon hunt Aug 1st - Nov 30th. I have a bull on cam I now call “GotDraw”(If you look at the first pic at the trough you can see how...
  11. nphunter

    WTS/WTT ILF Limbs for sale, 2 sets, Med 45#'s & Long 30#ish

    Set of limbs is off of a brand new TBOW, they are medium and 45lbs limbs at 28" on a 19" riser, these have never been shot, I purchased the bow for the riser and put Uukha limbs on it as soon as it showed up. From what I have read these are decent shooting limbs? I don't really know much about...
  12. nphunter


    I figure we might as well start a second Gen Tacoma thread since there’s a first Gen one. Pics and details on your truck. Best upgrades and what you wish was different or you plan to change in the future. I purchased this truck as is right before hunting season, it was a kids show truck that...
  13. nphunter

    WTS/WTT Iron Will 25gr .206 Inserts

    I have a dozen IW 25gr HIT’s, these were taken out of some arrows I have and cleaned with acetone. They are great inserts I’m just going to 100gr inserts. I also have some impact collars on another post. Two are ding on the back from something but are in perfect working order and the weights...
  14. nphunter

    WTS/WTT 9 Iron Will Collars 10gr C10-B .2760

    I have 9 Iron Will 10gr C10-B .2760 ID Collars. These were for Axis 300’s, I built the arrows last spring and decided to go a different route. $45TYD for 9 C10’s Trade for ???
  15. nphunter

    WTS/WTT Easton Axis 300 Match Grade with IW Collars

    Selling my hunting arrows all 300 spine. 8 Nock On match grade, 6 shot very little 2 shot more, they were built last spring. 7 are fletched with 6 PM 2.0 on a 2 deg helical and one is a bare shaft. They have reflective wraps and 50gr brass inserts. 490gr with a 100gr head. Tip to Nock Grove 28...
  16. nphunter

    WTS/WTT IW S100 Broadheads 6-pack

    Wanting to sell my IW S100’s. 5 are new and never shot, 1 has been shot but is like new and very sharp. I’m using expandables and don’t think I’ll need these anytime soon. Would trade for the new Benchmade Hidden Canyon S90V. I would also trade them for a dozen (New) RIP TKO Elite 300’s. $200 TYD
  17. nphunter

    Share your "Hunting Items I've overspent on with no advantage"

    I was reading through the buy once cry once thread and it made me think of all of the awesome gear I've wasted money on that really has given me zero advantage over my older cheaper gear. Here is the list for me; Seek outside floorless shelter with lite outdoors stove. Haven't used it or...
  18. nphunter

    Knight updated their website with Cerakoted Guns

    Looks like Knight updated their website and now is offering their rifles in cerakote. Kind of makes me wish I wouldn't have picked up my nitride UL 45 before Christmas. A 45 Mountaineer with cerakote would be awesome...
  19. nphunter

    Western Muzzle Loader Advice and First ML Kill

    Just got back from my first muzzle loader hunt where I borrowed my buddies old muzzle loader. I really enjoyed the hunt and am looking for advice on a new Oregon legal muzzle loader. Musket Cap, open ignition and no sabots. My list of must haves is accuracy, ease of cleaning without tools and...
  20. nphunter

    Score these Bulls

    Just curious what everyone thinks these bulls score. I’ll post the first two as a reference for the spot and and then post the others in there own posts.