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  1. Matt W.

    Sold Sitka Youth Optifade Puffy Jacket

    Selling a now discontinued Sitka Youth Puffy jacket, size Small. Kids loved this jacket and wore it everywhere when it still fit.... These are hard to find and a great jacket for kids who love the outdoors. $75, Shipping to USA only and a direct pass to you.
  2. Matt W.

    American Made & the Price Wage Squeeze

    I saw the below post by Joe Piedemont on LinkedIn and thought it fit well with some of the conversations we have about American Made Gear. I look forward to the conversation to follow.. The key question he lays out is: Are you willing to pay more for a domestically made product to keep jobs...
  3. Matt W.

    Hoffman Mountaineer Pac Boot - REVIEW IS UP!

    REVIEW is up: The preview to the review is below. Rokslide prides itself on REAL gear reviews. As such this is a gear review preview, as I don't feel I have enough data to do a Rokslide quality review at this time. I will update...
  4. Matt W.

    Red Dot Sights on Handguns?

    I went with the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro on a G19 MOS. Anyone else running one? Thoughts? I heard the mounting plate was the weak point on the MOS system so I went this plate: It was an easy install...
  5. Matt W.

    Favorite Hunting Pants?

    What are your favorite hunting pants and why? My favorite are the Sitka Mountain Pant and Timberline pant. My favorite feature is the integrated knee pads. I love that I can get them in a solid color. I wish they had a venting option to dump heat when climbing. I also really appreciate...
  6. Matt W.

    WTS Sitka Youth Puffy Jacket - Small

    Original youth Sitka Puffy jacket. My kids have worn this all over Alaska, Washington, and Idaho. Sadly they have outgrown this one.. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking... no rips, no tears, great shape!! $55, you pay shipping. $55 includes all PayPal / Venmo etc fees. I'll weigh...
  7. Matt W.

    Gear Organization?

    Between hunting, hiking, camping, and the general outdoor lifestyle a lot of gear gets utilized and thrown around. I do my best to organize my gear, but every now and then, either I can't find something, or I find something I forgot I had!! : ) Being that I just moved, and am having to redo...
  8. Matt W.

    Rokslide Staff - Eagle Eye Ammunition Review ***Updated 7/9/20***

    Eagle Eye Ammo has sent a few of us Rokslide staffers some ammo to try out. @Justin Crossley @BigSkyAdventures and myself will be giving it whirl this fall. Our goal is to compare it to our current proven loads and then see how...
  9. Matt W.

    Motorola T800 Radios?

    Anyone used these? Thoughts on the technology? Useful, gimicky? So much tech these days..... From Motorola: The TALKABOUT T800 allows you to share and track locations with...
  10. Matt W.

    Gun / Outdoor Dog Recurring Meds?

    Not sure the best place to post this as we don't have a specific spot so I thought I would start here. : ) Curious as to what other hunting dog owners, or even those whose dogs just spend a lot of time in the outdoors, use for regular medications. Assumption is the vet does all your regular...
  11. Matt W.

    Youth Hunting Waders?

    Looking for some hunting waders for the kiddos. What have you used? I found these ones by Oaki doing some searching, anyone tried them? Amazon link Toddler & Children's Neoprene Waders, Camo Max 5(R) – OAKI Direct Link Thanks!
  12. Matt W.

    Gear Review: MSR Access 3 Tent

    Hey guys, my buddies and I put together our thoughts on the MSR Access 3 Tent. Its another option to consider for your late season, rough weather pursuits. Check out the review here: MSR Access 3 Tent Review - Rokslide Please subscribe to this thread for future updates and potential input...
  13. Matt W.

    Weather Fighting, Wind Resistant, High Altitude, Butane Lighter of Choice?

    Weather Fighting, Wind Resistant, High Altitude,, Butane Lighter: I've use a few different ones over the years, curious as to what others are using. I rarely go much over 7,000 feet in Alaska, and despite the manufacturing warnings on not working over 5,000ft, my Soto Pocket Torch worked OK...
  14. Matt W.

    Sitka Gear Camp Hoody

    I got one of these new Hoodys from Sitka Last week. Camp Hoody [NEW] | SITKA Gear Its one of several pieces in Sitka's new Travel line. I've used it pretty much non stop since I got it. So far its a great layer, fits well, and is very comfortable. Biggest gripe is the chest pocket. I have...
  15. Matt W.

    Social Media, Hunting, and Pictures...

    Interesting article that was referenced in the WSF Newsletter today.... MultiBrief: Should you refrain from posting your hunt on social media? John, the author, states this question at the end of his article: "What steps do you think we should take that allow hunters to share their experiences...
  16. Matt W.

    Insulated Youth Hunting Boots?

    For general all around hunting for kiddos.. Backpacking, day hike hunts, etc. Kiddo seems to run with cold feet, looking for a warm option for him that has decent quality. Thinking of using women's sizes? What are you all using?
  17. Matt W.

    Samsung Gear 360 Camera?

    I received one of these for free when I picked up my Samsung phone last fall. Sort of forgot about it and found it in a drawer the other day. Anyone use one of these? Guess I need to just dig into and see how it works, but curious to see how others were using it and what for. Here is a link...
  18. Matt W.

    SPOT Messenger - SPOT X?

    SPOT X | 2-Way Satellite Messenger | Anyone used this? Curious how this will compare to the inReach. ?? This was the only review I could find: First Look: SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger Its not really that in depth..... I like how it does not require your phone to do text...
  19. Matt W.

    Fruit Juices Beat Sports Drinks for Exercisers by Dr. Mirkin

    This is an interesting read written by Dr. Gabe Mirkin.... Mt Dew is my new sports drink... :) Dr. Gabe Mirkin on Health, Fitness and Nutrition. | Fruit Juices Beat Sports Drinks for Exercisers It summarizes with this: Foods and Drinks to Take During Prolonged Exercise The following foods...
  20. Matt W.

    Ideal Scope Specifications for Long Range

    I think that specifications and features sometimes get lost in the debate for which optic to choose. If you are a dedicated long range shooter (out to say 1,200 yards) and looking to buy a new optic, what features, or specific specifications, would you look for? Perhaps you bought a scope and...