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    Sold First Lite Ranger Shirt (M)

    Catch and release size medium FL Ranger snap shirt. It has a few small pulls, nothing major. $70 TYD Venmo or PayPal +3%G&S.
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    Sold Luminox watch

    luminox 0321 39mm sea turtle. Used but in excellent condition. Great hunting watch just doesn’t get enough use to keep it. Comes with a tan NATO band, case, extra pins, and paper work. TYD $145 Venmo or PayPal +3% for G&S. Always open to a good trade never hurts at ask.
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    Anyone from Walla Walla?

    My family and I just moved to Walla Walla from Northern NM. I am trying to figure out the lay of the land. Most pressing issue is figuring out some where to exercise my dog, right now I have have a 6 month old GSP stuck in an apartment. I am planning to focus on upland this season, try to make a...
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    Sold $20 Altra lone peaks 10.5

    10.5 Altra lone peaks. They are used but no where close to used up. Zero drop is not for me. These are super comfortable, but make my heal hurt. Pay pal or Venmo me $20 and You can give them a shot.
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    PSA be careful how you store your freeze dried meals

    Just a friendly reminder to be careful how you store your freeze dried meals during the off season. I lost 4 to a mouse. Apparently mice really like off grid bison mac and cheese. Mine are in a Rubbermaid now.
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    Sold 32T timberline pants.

    I have a pair of Timberline pants 32T that are a little small. I got them off another member. They are in good shape, not perfect, but nothing major. I would like to for a 33T or 34 timberline or mountain pants preferably in solid color. I would be willing to sell for $150.
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    New Mexicans keep an eye on HB78

    From NMWF. Land Transfers: The NMWF has pledged to oppose HB78, sponsored by Rep. Miguel Garcia of Albuquerque. The bill calls for transferring three wildlife management areas in Rio Arriba County -- the Sargent, Humphries and Rio Chama -- to the Tierra Amarilla Land Grant. In recent letters to...
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    Wild game holiday cooking

    Merry Christmas Rokslide. We may not be doing a big Christmas get together, but that has not stopped me from cooking like it. So far We have made elk sausage cheese balls, and elk red chili tamales, still working on the brook trout fish cakes. What are you guys cooking?
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    Sold Bear K Mag #45 Green

    I have an absolutely beautiful bear kodiak magnum recurve in grayling green. #45. I do not know much about this bow, I bought it used, it shoots great, and seems to be in pretty much perfect condition. It is has a threaded insert for a stabilizer/fishing rig. String is alright but nothing...
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    Anyone actually use a microtech?

    Hey guys I am curious if anyone actually uses a microtech. I am thinking about buying a ultratech and am wondering if anyone actually uses one or if they just look cool.
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    Sold Kifaru WG 14er with extras.

    I have a WG 14er, with a small belt. It got off another member. It is in good shape, not brand new, but no rips, stains, or mods. I would prefer to ship without stays as it is the version that takes a carbon arrow, we can figure it out if you just gun hunt. comes with small belt pouch and water...
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    Sold Goat Ti knife

    Pretty much brand new Goat knife. Comes with 5 blades and all of the bits. Will not come with the D loop material. $90 TYD usps priority.
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    Sold MR Metcalf and Mule bags only

    Up for sale. Mystery Ranch Metcalf, foliage, with lid, for guide lite frame. Condition is used no blood stains, modifications, or damage. $200 TYD Mystery Ranch Mule, foliage, for guide lite frame. Has blood stain on back / meat shelf. Only used to pack out one elk no other damage or...
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    Sold MR packs, Kifaru, OR hat, Selway 10.5

    Up for sale: Mystery ranch metcalf foliage for guide light bag only with lid. Used good condition $200 Mystery ranch mule foliage for guide light bag only. Used good condition does have blood stain on the back $75 Mystery ranch scree size medium black. Used in good condition SOLD Kifaru...
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    WTB Benro S2 plates and possibly head

    Does anybody body have a S2 plate or 2 they want to sell? I would also be interested in a head if the price was right. Thank you.
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    Sold Nikon DSLR with 500mm sigma lense

    I have a Nikon D7000 with a 18-55mm kit lense and a 150-500mm sigma lense. I bought it used and admittedly don’t know crap about cameras. Was going to get into it but had a kid, now it just sits there. The big lense is great for taking wildlife photos, especially if you are more interested in...
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    Sold Sitka 90% M & Phelps hat

    Sitka 90% jacket open country size medium in great shape, just a little small for me. Phelps multicam trucker hat, only worn a few times. $110 for both TYD. I would prefer Venmo but PayPal works. if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. thank you.
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    Sold Silk pro cf 634 tripod.

    Before I call the guys at camera land I figured I would see if anyone has one they want to sell. I don’t mind scratches as long as it’s functional.
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    PSA Kifaru will reopen 4/27

    For everyone not on Instagram
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    Sold Kifaru guide lid highlander for RG or CB

    Anybody want to trade guide lids? I have a highlander in good shape with back pack straps. Looking for the same in RG or CB.