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  1. ozyclint

    Where are all the people coming from?

    I don't believe government numbers. It's at least 2.6 million. :ROFLMAO:
  2. ozyclint

    Is it worth is to ever buy a new truck again vs maintaining your current one?

    My current dilemma is the price of fuel. I have a land cruiser pick up with 290k miles on it, that has taken me around the continent plus some and the wife has a land cruiser wagon. Recently bought a Toyota corolla for her as running the wagon as a daily drive was becoming ridiculous on fuel...
  3. ozyclint

    In your experience, where are the biggest, most rugged mountains?

    Sounds rugged. Come to Australia's interior or gulf country. The elevation profile of the Murray/Darling river system, which I live near the headwaters of, rises to about 1350m then drops to 300m elevation in about the first few hundred kilometers of its course then takes, at a guess, about...
  4. ozyclint

    In your experience, where are the biggest, most rugged mountains?

    West coast NZ tahr country. Steeper than any sheep or mountain goat country I've seen in photos. Takes a long time to move around that country.
  5. ozyclint

    Short quotes that speak volumes.

    "Run while others are walking, so that you can walk while others are running"- Dad. Becoming truer by the day.
  6. ozyclint

    Sierra Gamekings

    Had a very good experience with a 110gr pro hunter out of my .270win last week. Went to check cameras on a place I bowhunt after work and took my rifle in case there was an opportunity at some meat. Near one of my cameras I spotted a young fallow buck. Got a 20 yard shot after he cleared some...
  7. ozyclint

    Non-big game bucket list hunts

    a driven wingshooting hunt in England would be cool.
  8. ozyclint

    Non-big game bucket list hunts

    how many do you want?
  9. ozyclint

    Frightening facts about guns

    Came across this on another site. Thought it was so important that it must be shared!
  10. ozyclint

    Wales (UK) FNG

    Welcome! Don't suppose your from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch by any chance? :ROFLMAO: (yes, I had to cut and paste that)
  11. ozyclint

    Anyone ever moved back into USA with firearms originally taken out of USA?

    Usually just easier to leave the weapons in the country where the action was. :ROFLMAO:
  12. ozyclint

    Looking for heterosexual lifemate hunter type

    Must be a good cook, clean love fishing and have your own boat. Please include photo of boat
  13. ozyclint

    Long term food storage.

    Get a pressure canner and jars.
  14. ozyclint

    Isobutane canister. How many uses

    With a jet boil SOL Ti I get about 10 days out of a 110gm canister. 1x freeze dry meal at night an a couple of tea/coffees per day. Pocket rocket likely less efficient though. Your problem will be carrying more weight in gas than you have to, not running out. A half full can will be about...
  15. ozyclint

    Exped Durability?

    Yep had baffles blow out on one I had. Friend had the same thing happen.
  16. ozyclint

    WTB Winchester model 70 featherweight .270 winchester

    Classic rifle in a classic cartridge. I love mine. Just got done cerakoting it and refinishing the stock. Looks brand new. What is one of these worth with CRF?
  17. ozyclint

    6.5 PRC observation

    Well done for not falling into the latest and greatest trap.
  18. ozyclint

    If you could have one more....

    "Hi, I'm Pat." Stranger- "Is that short for Patrick or Patricia?"
  19. ozyclint

    Winchester Model 70 Featherweight

    Bought a new CRF featherweight in .270win back in 2002. Just recently had it cerakoted and I refinished the stock. Such a beautiful rifle. As mentioned the barrel heats up very quick so you need plenty of time between shots when doing range work. This is fine since it's a hunting rifle.