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    "Pre-gaming" for Altitude

    Last year I used dexamethasone which helped a ton. I'm very sensitive to altitude sickness and didn't have problem one last year using it, sleeping as high as 10.5
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    CO 2nd Season Goat Gear

    Might be worth getting a couple of stand alone cf poles as well. 1 so you can leave the tent standing 2 so you can double up poles if the weather goes winter
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    DIY game bags

    I think that the 34gsm is a bit too light... Admittedly I haven't used that specific fabric for anything. 1oz ripstop tears on bones very easily. I'd be a lot more tempted by their 66gsm fabric I also...
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    It's Time For Something Better Than Wiggy Waders

    I've been chewing around this basic problem for a couple of years but have a verrrry slow dev cycle. Here are some pictures of my current version which is all 1.1 silpoly. Sorry you'll have to scroll down a little ways Those are straight stocking foot style for my extended death march jump...
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    New orleans food recommendations

    The Po'boy shop in the back of the Erin Rose
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    Hard Shell Options

    My wind shirt fleet currently consists of a couple of myog ones made from 1.1oz uncalendered ripstopbytheroll polyester, which is at the very breathable end of the spectrum but not particularly water resistant at all Pics of my camo one
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    Colorado Cat hunting ban Bill

    Just FYI - if you want to increase your effectiveness in CO lobbying, please contact the reps on the committees that a bill gets assigned to first. Unless your rep is on that committee, they won't be able to do much. But the committee members themselves are used to and appreciate peeps from...
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    Hard Shell Options

    Regardless of where you land on a hardshell, you're missing out on a killer CO layer not having a really breathable windshirt. I always pack one and a raincoat. A hard shell is only useful as a wind shirt in conditions way beyond what a wind shirt is good for. Any time you're moving and working...
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    DIY pulk / game cart?

    Not precisely what you seem to be after but here is my v2.0 meat sled. It's 1/2yd of venom 3.9oz from rbtr, v1 used 1/2yd of HyperD 300 and then a sheet of uhmwe adhesive film from McMaster Carr. This is the .012" my first one used .007" at first but that was way too thin and I ended up sleeping...
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    Thread for sleeping bag project

    Yeah mara 70 or 100 would be perfect for a bag
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    Looking for blaze orange material

    HyperD is not a particularly Lloyd fabric but I'd still a hard faced synthetic. So not at all like wool. It does not breath at all so I wouldn't make so much of a garment from it that I'd be too worried about noise
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    softshell fabric source

    Rocky has some stuff that might work for you Also keep an eye on mill yardage bc you might be able to get the real deal through them
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    Looking for blaze orange material HyperD300 is pretty soft handed for a pack but I think the durability is generally pretty good. I'd look for polyester fabrics which take on less water...
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    Best boots for rocks?

    Those are a lot burliert than what I usually run. I am not convinced that a supportive boot does anything good for anyone's ankles or knees. But those look relatively attractive for being something you'd call a boot. Probably the biggest thing with trail runners for hunting imo is dealinging...
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    Diy cheek riser

    The foam is just some shipping foam I had stored in the garage rafters from a bed we got a couple of years ago. Regular pack strap/craft foam would also work no problem
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    DIY Bino Harness

    I really hate the idea of that style of chest rig, I use a fairly heavy shock cord that X's at the back andrests some bino weight on my pack's sternum strap. Couldn't be easier to make and is radically less sweaty
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    Boots chewing back of heels

    Check out engo strips, they're basically uhmwpe stickers that go on your shoes where you get hot spots, works pretty well imo if a tad spendy for what it is
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    Best boots for rocks?

    I strongly prefer some good trail runners for Talusis/Boulder fields. I think that the flexible sole makes balancing and going from porch to perch much easier than in some stuff MTN boots of which I also have and use occasionally. Currently running lasportiva ultra raptors which excel on big...
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    Boots chewing back of heels

    Try using enough lueko tape that it fills the extra volume so two or three layers probably. And find some trail runners you like. I have the world's narrowest heel and have a ton of success with the mnarrow last la sporttiva shoes and boots. Run ultra raptors 99% of the time until it is cold...
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    Sling hook for backpack

    I have a long piece of webbing with a g hook on the end that ties into the load lifter tabs on my stone glacier pack and the butt slides into their gun bearer sling bucket deal. I tied a loop from accessory cord to the end swivel stud and just hook the ghook through that, makes it really easy to...