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  1. BeaverHunter

    How are people affording these crazy home prices?

    Its adjusting down even in areas that have been super hot markets. Here in Idaho Falls there is 567 active agent listings on Zillow with 223 of those that have had prices lowered. A year ago there wasn’t 200 listings. Anyone that doesn’t think prices will come down doesn’t pay attention to...
  2. BeaverHunter

    Tankless water heater

    I have a tankless hot water heater. It’s 15 years old. It gets a LOT of use as I have in floor radiant heating that it is responsible for heating the water on also. Never done any maintenance on it. Zero. It’s worked flawlessly for me. I do have a water softener also so maybe that takes care of...
  3. BeaverHunter

    WTS MR Sawtooth45, Sitka gear for sale -- Subalpine

    Good seller here. Shipped fast. Item was as described.
  4. BeaverHunter

    Critique my food

    That’ll work. I’d probably ditch the applesauce if weight was a concern.
  5. BeaverHunter

    Unit 28 Idaho

    Yes. You’ll be good to cross. Along with quite a few others.
  6. BeaverHunter

    WTS MR Sawtooth45, Sitka gear for sale -- Subalpine

    I’ll take the puffy assuming it’s a large. Pm sent.
  7. BeaverHunter

    WTS Zeiss 15x56

    Did these sell?
  8. BeaverHunter

    Nevada draw results 2022

    First tag I’ve drawn in Nevada. First non “general” out of state tag I’ve drawn after many years of applying. Not sure what to think about hunting deer when it’s 100 degrees with a bow but at least I will get to explore some new country. Any advice or tips from past tag holders is appreciated...
  9. BeaverHunter

    Rental for sept hunt

    Try the local Toyota dealers. I work at the one in Idaho falls, Idaho and we have quite a few 4runners and a couple Tacomas with toppers. We’re ok with renting to hunters, just can’t do any damage to the vehicle just like any other rental vehicle. And I think we’re only $85ish a day.
  10. BeaverHunter

    The Rokslide Stock Traders Thread

    Lpi earnings were shit also. I sold it today at $72.50 with a low 60s cost average. Got tired of waiting for it to turn and get back into the 90s. If some of these oil companies aren’t just printing money and rewarding shareholders with these crude prices it makes me wonder if they ever will...
  11. BeaverHunter

    How would you handle this??

    Then why weren’t you shopping at the last place that you got good customer service from and Preach! I wish I could like this more than once.
  12. BeaverHunter

    Sold hanwags size 10

    How many miles on these? You buy them brand new? How old are they?
  13. BeaverHunter

    Cda guys....POWDER!

    I really hope this isn’t an April fools joke. Sending me dad in to buy me some. Hope it’s not gone by the time he gets there.
  14. BeaverHunter

    East Idaho CPA

    Searle, Hart and associates. They’re great. Been using them for a number of years. Small family owned business with I think 5 cpas.
  15. BeaverHunter

    The Rokslide Stock Traders Thread

    Bought into VALE recently. Second largest miner of nickel in the world. Pays a healthy dividend. Seems to have solid financials. Nickel prices have shot through the roof recently in case you hadn’t heard and is used heavily in electric cars.
  16. BeaverHunter

    Ordering a new truck

    To the OP- Out of state and non local to you dealers probably aren’t responding to you because you’re calling them from outside their market area. Look at it from their perspective- they’re selling every single new one they can get their hands on to people in their market area. No reason for...
  17. BeaverHunter

    Hard to beat the 7mm-08ai?

    I have no problem fire forming. I’m just failing to see any real advantages of 7-08ai over a 280ai. I guess short action and burning slightly less powder at the expense of slower speeds, having to fire form, no factory ammo, brass or guns. I’m with you on the short barrel suppressed route as...
  18. BeaverHunter

    Hard to beat the 7mm-08ai?

    Not without fire forming it correct? Anyone make a factory 7-08ai brass?
  19. BeaverHunter

    Hard to beat the 7mm-08ai?

    I’m getting 3150 FPS out of my 22 inch barrel 280 ackley with 145 grain bullets without pushing it very hard. What’s the advantage of a 7-08ai? Hard to get brass and ammo I would bet also.
  20. BeaverHunter

    AZ Hunter Safety Course Bonus Point

    You can do it all online now due to COVID. I believe it costs $300.