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  1. TradLife406

    WTS Medium Sitka Cloudburst set

    Bought this a couple years ago and luckily I haven't used it a lot. Maybe three or four times. 300 TYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. TradLife406

    Hilleberg Atko or similar

    A while back I'd bought an Atko. Other than the sometimes horrible notorious condensation it was fantastic. Super light and only took five min to pitch. I even pitched it in a mess of dead fall because the foot print was small enough. But I ended up selling it. Lately I've been using a flat...
  3. TradLife406

    Trail cams

    Anyone check their cams? Any prospects? Ideally I try and check my cams early spring before the elk move to the high country. But that didn't happen this year. Oh well I doubt I made that much of an impact on them that'll effect September. I had one "decent" bull come a wallow cam on Thursday...
  4. TradLife406

    Yeti 125 vs 160

    Without turning this into my Walmart special is better than your Yeti banter... Or explaining why I like Yeti vs the other brands... For those of those with these Yetis which is best for a boned out bull? I tried searching and couldn't find much. Asked on Facebook and all I got was how Yeti is...
  5. TradLife406

    WTS Kifaru Sawtooth

    I bought this new a few years ago when I did more solo elk hunts. I ended up getting an 8 man tipi now that I'm usually with atleast one other guy. Love it but it's over kill for my solo over night trips. Seam sealed, liner and carbon fiber pole. No pics at the moment because it's...
  6. TradLife406

    Some ATV questions

    I've got a Kawasaki prairie 300 from a buddy. When I first got it was a POS. But with YouTube I've been able to overhaul it. New carb battery tires rear rack and a lot of time into it. And with the used ATV market being higher than Hunter Biden I can't complain. Anyways I'm completely new to...
  7. TradLife406

    6 Creed

    I built a 6.5 PRC last year and love that round. It's about perfect for prairie hunting. Until I try and buy ammo or primers for it [emoji2359]. I have some ammo and just dropped 150 on three more boxes yesterday. And no I'm not giving out my source! Lol I almost changed my barrel order last...
  8. TradLife406

    Thunderbeast or Hyperion K

    I'm sick of shooting with ear plugs and muffs! My tax return should hit this week and the boss said I can use some of it to buy my first can. It'll be decided to my 6.5 PRC but might get screwed on my ARs occasionally. I've always been told to get a Thunderbeast. And now the Gen 2's look even...
  9. TradLife406

    Windy day tips

    Anyone have any suggestions for calling on windy days? Like 15-25, gusts around 40? Is it even worth spending Brandon gas prices on going? I've been itching to go but the last few Saturdays the wind has been horrible! Hunting prairie, coulees and river breaks. Will the E call be able to reach...
  10. TradLife406

    AG Alpine Hunter stock

    I've had my 6.5 PRC in a Grayboe Phoenix. I loved the stock until my kid in true Rokslide fashion decided to cliff test it. And it didn't survive. Now I reached out to Grayboe via email and on the gram. Can't do much since it's the weekend. I really don't want another Phoenix and their other...
  11. TradLife406

    WTB Western Mountaineering Booties L

    I need a pair of glassing booties size large. Ty Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  12. TradLife406

    Amazon/China carburetors

    My buddy lent me his Kawasaki Prairie 300 while he's deployed to Iraq. She's running pretty rough. She won't pull any hills or any sort of a load. I can ride it on level ground. She idles good but when you go to throttle she'll go if you give it a little throttle. Full throttle she bogs down...
  13. TradLife406

    22 Valk

    Anyone shooting this? I really like the 22-250 and I have a couple ARs. But the heavier bullets and ammo availability have me interested. I'm thinking about a barrel to swap onto my 6.5 PRC during the winter for coyotes and spring time plinking. I'd definitely be handloading too but Scheels...
  14. TradLife406

    Prone bipods

    Just ordered a 2 Vets tripod that should handle most of my needs. But I'd like to get a good bipod for shooting prone. I thought about using my pack but if I'm set up and have all my layers on and my woobie out my bag size will be pretty flat. I'd like something that'll pan so if the deer is...
  15. TradLife406

    WTS Leupold vx3 4.5-14x50 long range

    I bought this a few years ago. Had it on my 308 but I'm looking to upgrade to something with a turret. Great condition aside from the logo fell off the parallax adjustable. Comes with Alumina caps. B&C reticle $650 TYD Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  16. TradLife406

    WTS Harris 25C swivel

    Selling my 13.5-27" Harris bipod. Smooth legs swivel standard stud mount. 90 TYD Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  17. TradLife406

    Hornady ELDX at longer distances

    I recovered the jacket from my 143 gr ELDX from my PRC out of my loper doe. It would appear that the core flew out of the jacket and kept on going. Is this normal? I thought this bullet was designed to mushroom at longer ranges? Can someone with a lot more experience explain this? Is this...
  18. TradLife406

    WTS Promaster 522 tripod and ball head

    Bought this when all I needed was a bino tripod. But I need something I can also shoot off of. $125 TYD I can post a pic later or just DM me Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  19. TradLife406

    A newbies first hunt

    My little boy and I went on my first hunt with a "long range rifle" yesterday for lopers. We found the herd but they were in a wide open chick pea field. They were at about 800. A light wind from the left at about 5 mph. There wasn't really any good bucks and I could care less about antelope...
  20. TradLife406

    Savage Rascal adjustable stock

    I bought my kids a Rascal. We all love it! But even my 8 year old daughter has a hard time with the length of pull being too long. It's plastic stock so not sure I can or want to cut it down. I did some searching and can't find anything for like a chassis with an adjustable stock or something...