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    Missoula Fun?

    I'm headed to Missoula on Friday for a B&C measuring workshop. I was supposed to have another guy with me but he had a death in the family so now I'll be solo. Looking for things to do. I plan to do a hike/run up to Stuart Peak and may bring a fly rod. I love adventure and I'm from Texas, so...
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    Kuiu Ultra Merino 145 Zip-T - Vias - Medium

    As title says. It's a couple years old but I've only worn it 2-3 times. Bought it as a backup and my other merino is still going strong. Great condition. $75tyd
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    Kifaru Duplex Hunter Frame, HC 7000, Guid Lid

    I've got a lightly used 26" Hunter Frame with arrow stays. Small belt on the frame and it's Wolf Grey. I bought it new when they came out a few years ago. It's been on a few hunts but has not packed meat unfortunately. It's the lighter weight frame sheet. Highcamp 7000 I bought used off here. It...
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    WTT Sitka Mountain Pants 32R

    These have always been a little too big for me. They've seen a good bit of time in the woods but are still in good condition. No rips or any issues. Only want to trade for Mountain or Ascent pants in Open Country. Let me know if your 30's are a little snug and we can help each other out. Oh and...
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    Texas TTH

    Anyone else doing TTH this weekend at Cinnamon Creek? Forecast shows 90% chance of thunderstorms for Saturday morning. I'm assuming the event will still take place unless there's lightning. Anyone done a TTH in the rain before? I'll be the bald, thin guy in red shorts if anyone wants to say hello.
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    Which Kifaru accessory as a gift???

    My wife and I are staying with family in Golden this week for our anniversary. I've talked her into a Kifaru HQ visit and getting me an accessory as a gift. I'm trying to decide what I would get the most use out of. What is the accessory you use that you can't live without? I'm leaning towards...
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    Warmth - Uncompahgre vs Superdown

    I'm searching for a warmer puffy jacket. I've got one of the original superdown hoodies, and though it has worked pretty well for me, it still leaves me wanting a little more warmth. I'm also planning to start using my puffy as my outer layer in colder temps, and want something a little more...
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    WTT Sitka Jetstream for Stratus

    Looking to trade my Jetstream jacket in medium for a Stratus jacket in medium. Mines a couple years old but in like new condition. Haven't worn it in the field but a few times. Would also consider other "stand" hunting outerwear jackets as a trade. Let me know what you got.
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    WTB Sitka Celsius Bibs

    Anyone have an old pair of Celsius bibs in Open Country or Mothwing? Need Medium or Medium Tall. PM me if you have some you could part with.
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    Kifaru Standard Lid - Foliage

    I just picked up a Guide lid, so don't need this one anymore. Like new condition. $30 tyd.
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    WTB Sitka Suspenders

    Anyone have a pair of Sitka suspenders laying around that they're not using? Tired of constantly adjusting the crappy belt on my mountain pants.
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    Big Boot Review

    So I initially planned to do a written review with lots of photos. Then I decided it's easier for me to convey pertinent details in a video. So here you go. Grab a beer or some popcorn or both. It's a little long. Boots reviewed. Hanwag Tatra Leather Lined Salomon X Alp GTX Lowa Tibet GTX Lowa...
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    Borrow or Rent Spotting Scope - Houston/DFW

    Not sure if this is the place for this, but figured it gets the most looks. I'm going mule deer hunting here in Texas Oct 6-10 and was wondering if anyone in the Houston or DFW area has a spotting scope they'd be willing to let me borrow or rent? I'm not picky on what it is/quality, just...
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    Kifaru Ultra Light Hunter Frame Gone?

    I did some searching and couldn't find anything about this. Is the hunter frame with arrow stays no longer an option? It used to have it's own landing page under hunting packs on the site, but I don't see it. Looked at the hunter page and arrow stays aren't an option there either. Is that gone...
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    Lowa Tech Lite's with Lathrop and Son's Synergy Footbeds

    Ran across these on ebay. Great deal for someone needing great boots. Access Denied
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    Scarpa Sizing?

    What's been your experience with Scarpa sizing? Looking at either the Triolet or Grand Dru. I'm a 44/10.5 in Hanwag. A guy I may buy slightly used triolet's from said he's normally a 44 but needed 44.5 in these.
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    Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver

    I've got a 5 arrow Tight Spot in Lost camo that needs a new home. It comes with the extension bracket for more mounting/positioning options. The bracket is the previous version than what is currently on their website. Only used one season. I can get pics up later or text them to you. $100
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    Ebay Fees

    I try to avoid selling on ebay and haven't in a while. But I was needing to sell something quickly so I could order my upgrade asap and Ebay is usually good for that. Well I didn't realize this but their fee is now 10%. I thought that was crazy! Cost me almost $30 to sell my sleeping bag. Wish I...
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    Stone Glacier Workout Email

    Anyone else get the email from stone glacier today with the workout in it? I did a modified (shorter) version tonight and it kicked me in the teeth. Had our second baby 3 weeks ago so the last 4-6 weeks have had me slackin off on my workouts and shooting my bow. Time to put my foot on the gas. I...
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    Boot Resole?

    Anyone had their boots resoled in the last couple years? I need to have the whole bottom end of mine replaced and just looking for first hand experience with specific resolers. Right now my top choice is Dave Page in Seattle and also looking at Rocky Mountain Resole. Anyone used these or have...