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  1. thegoosano

    WTS WTS Northern Lites Tundra Snowshoes

    Brand new without tags, these are the lightest snowshoes you can find particular in this flotation category. These have a 250lb+ load rating so they will handle anything you can throw out them including a big guy with a loaded pack. These also have their speed bindings which are super quick...
  2. thegoosano

    Kifaru Hacks

    Of all the packs I’ve owned, Kifaru packs are by far the most customizable. With all their pouches, attachment points, lids, and bag options I’m sure there are some guys that have created some pretty unique setups. Let’s see what you’ve done to your Kifaru system to tailor it to your needs, or...
  3. thegoosano

    Kifaru Warranty for Shoulder Straps

    I just got off the phone with Kifaru about an issue I have with my shoulder straps and thought I’d see if others have had this same experience. After only 2 seasons of use, the foam in my should straps are completely flat as well as the lumbar pad. I really noticed this when comparing with my...
  4. thegoosano

    WTS Garage Sale: First Lite, Prana, Outdoor Research

    I have some pieces that have been sitting in my closet not getting much use so time to let them go. All fully functional minus some normal wear and tear. Buyer pays PayPal fees if desired, free shipping is in CONUS, if you buy more than one item I’ll take $5 off for each additional piece since...
  5. thegoosano

    WTB WTB Kuiu Kenai Pant or Stone Glacier Grumman Pants

    In kuiu I need size large, and in SG I would be a medium. Need something asap by next Friday 11/10!!! If you have a pair you want to sell would be a huge help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. thegoosano

    WTT WTT Gnargali for Hoodlum

    I have a Gnargali that has only been on 2 hunts, an archery elk hunt and archery deer hunt here in NM. Embarrassingly, no animals have been packed in it :( I did kill a buck…it just ended up being right off the road [emoji23] After my second hunt I felt like I missed the main bag zip access, so...
  7. thegoosano

    Deep Six Small Game Points

    Hey all, just curious for anyone out there using 0.166 shafts and the HIT system what you’re using for small game points? I’m making the switch from Valkyrie to the iron will deep six system (not the Snyder core) and need something in my quiver for when I see the occasional rabbit squirrel or...
  8. thegoosano

    WTS/WTT WTS/WTT Valkyrie Heads, Tips, and Components

    I’ve decided to try out the iron will system so I’m selling all my Valkyrie gear. (3) 180gr Solid Short Jags (1) 180gr LR Short Jag (2) 180gr small game points (10) 180gr Target Tips (10) 20gr 0.245 Sleeves (fits 250 spine Victory VAPs, 250 spine Gold Tip Pierce, 250 spine Valkyrie Reign, or...
  9. thegoosano

    WTS Outdoorsman’s 59mm Digiscoping Ring and Stick On Adaptor for Swaro STX/ATX

    Selling this outdoorsman’s Digiscoping setup for a Swaro STX/ATX. New this is $121 before tax and shipping. Would like $30 TYD buyer pays PP fees. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. thegoosano

    WTS Swarovski STS 80mm 20-60x Eyepiece

    Selling a near perfect condition STS 80 w a 20-60x eyepiece. Zero scratches on glass, new eyecup, both lens caps are new, and a new aiming aid from Swaro Warranty. Will include a coyote Marsupial padded case. This was South Cox’s scope before me and it has his signature on the body below the...
  11. thegoosano

    WTB WTB Swarovski STX Eyepiece and 65mm Objective

    Let me know what you’ve got. Glass needs to be scratch free Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. thegoosano

    WTS Vortex Razor50mm/Kowa 554 Stay On Case

    Fits both of the above listed scopes, perfect condition. $20TYD buyer pays PP fees Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. thegoosano

    WTS Outdoorsmans/Kowa 554 Digiscoping Setup

    Selling this Digiscoping setup for a Kowa 554. Just FYI, the Kowa phone case threads perfectly fit the outdoorsman’s adaptor rings, so it could be used with any of their adaptors/phone cases and vice versa. Buyer pays PP fees. If combining multiple items PM me for a reduced price...
  14. thegoosano

    Puffy Pants: Sitka vs Kuiu vs Stone Glacier

    There are a lot of puffy pants out there these days, and I’m torn on what to get. The 3 that have caught my eye from a balance of weight, packability and price are the Sitka Kelvin Down 3/4 Pants, SG Grumman Pants, and the new Kuiu Kenai Pants. I think the Stone and Sitka pants will definitely...
  15. thegoosano

    WTS WTS Sea 2 Summit Aeros Premium Pillow

    Just don’t use this pillow anymore so it’s time to let it go. Throwing in a Peax titanium long handle spoon as a freebie with it. $35 TYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. thegoosano

    WTS WTS Sawyer Squeeze, CNOC Vecto 3L, and Sawyer 2L bottle

    I’ve switched over to the Katadyn system so selling my sawyer squeeze filter system. Filter has never been exposed to freezing temps. $30 TYD for everything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. thegoosano

    WTS/WTT WTT South Cox’s Swarovski STS 80mm w 20-60x Eyepiece

    I recently purchased this scope directly from South Cox as he was offloading some old Swaro items. I full intended this to be my new spotter (and it still may be) but I realized pretty quick after holding it that an 80mm scope might be more than I want to pack up to the places I hunt. The scope...
  18. thegoosano

    WTS WTS Valkyrie 180 Short Jags

    Selling 4 Valkyrie 180 short jags. 3 are solids and one is the new vented long range model. Only selling to try out the long original jags. I’ve killed one mule deer and one elk with these this past year. Amazing performance, clean pass throughs on both (never found these arrows so the heads...
  19. thegoosano

    WTS WTS Kowa 554 w Extras

    I’m selling my Kowa 554 that is in just about perfect condition. Glass is pristine condition with zero marks or scratches (see photos). No marks or scratches on body except a small mark on the lens hood (see photo). Included with the scope are both lens caps, a Kowa iPhone 8 case, Kowa...
  20. thegoosano

    WTS WTS Sitka Apex Hoody XL

    Selling my Sitka Apex hoody, no holes, snags etc, it’s in great condition. Basically new. I just find my self grabbing my heavyweight hoody more. Elbow pads are included. For reference, I’m 6’-3” 200lbs and this fits perfect. $160 TYD ($219 new) buyer pays PP fees or friends and family...