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  1. FatBuddah

    WTB .338 230 ELDX

    Looking to pick up a box or two of the .338 230g ELDX. What’s out there? Cheers
  2. FatBuddah

    WTS/WTT Kifaru Clean Out

    Door Gunner RG bought to try any mount to my 26” UL as a lid/daypack for bow season. Didn’t work to my liking, and has been out on single trial run. Clean and no stains- no shoulder straps. $sold EDC belt, medium in RG. $sold Stryker RG in great shape only used on a short spring bear trip...
  3. FatBuddah

    WTS Sitka SA

    NWOT Sitka Timberline pant 38T and Traverse zip T XL Both sub alpine Would like to sell together…… $315 TYD PPFF, Venmo, whatever easy Cheers
  4. FatBuddah

    WTB Looking for Kifaru x-ray

    Looking for a plane bag. Preferred RG, Coyote, MC in that order. What’s out there….????
  5. FatBuddah

    WTB 230 ELD X Needed

    Looking to try some 230’s as the rifle I built isn’t working with the Berger 250’s. Cheers
  6. FatBuddah

    WTB 230 ELD X Needed

    Looking to try some 230’s as the rifle I built isn’t working with the Berger 250’s. Cheers
  7. FatBuddah

    WTB Looking for 230 ELDX

    Anyone fix a box or 3 to spare? Cheers
  8. FatBuddah

    WTB Looking for Glock 29

    Looking for a G29 Cheers!
  9. FatBuddah

    WTS Misc: Bart CF, MBM, MDT, Stuff

    Bartlein CF 23” Rem Var $700 MBM 2pc 3 port Ti Beast $180 MDT LSS XL Tikka LA folder $680 MDT ESS Tikka LA folder 18” $1050 MPA loaded folder, monopod, & vert $400 PPFF shipped, insurance is on you Cheers
  10. FatBuddah

    WTB Kifaru Std Lid CB 1000d

    Looking for old school lid in CB to go with my new to me mountain rambler. Whatcha got?? Cheers
  11. FatBuddah

    WTB Defiance antiX LA

    Looking for either magnum or Lapua .595 bolt face. Whatcha got?? Cheers
  12. FatBuddah

    WTB VXR or Vertix

    Looking for solids 31.5 VXR preference Vertix second PM what’s what!! Cheers
  13. FatBuddah

    WTS Proof CF Blanks

    Have a .284 and a .338 CF blank for sale. .284 is 26” .338 is 28” Both are Sendero $700 TYD PPFF
  14. FatBuddah

    WTS Proof 28” .338 Sendero

    Barrel heavy and don’t see a new Lapua Improved anytime soon. It’s Sendero 28” and sexy..... come get you some $700 TYD PPFF preference Cheers
  15. FatBuddah

    WTB Kifaru Bane

    Looking for a Bane..... preferably RG, coyote as second choice. PM me with what you got. Cheers
  16. FatBuddah

    Crispi on Camofire

    Some smoking deals on Crispi today! Cheers
  17. FatBuddah

    WTB Kifaru Stryker in RG or coyote

    What’s out there
  18. FatBuddah

    WTS Tikka CTR Stock / 6.5 Creed Barrel

    Like to sell a CTR stock, metal, and magazine all in good shape. $165 Also a unfired (since it left factory) 24” 6.5 Creedmoor take off barrel. $215 PPFF or add the fee. Will also do other payment options, just ask.
  19. FatBuddah

    WTB Kifaru med pouches

    Looking for RG or coyote in medium. PM options. Cheers
  20. FatBuddah

    Sold SPF Who needs a Kifaru Native

    All in like new condition.....hard pressed to tell used. RG Native RG Omni belt medium RG shoulder straps $SPF PP F&F not looking to split at this time.