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  1. WannabeHunter

    Neighbor issues help needed

    You have the food, majority of the creek (water), access to additional bedding, and probably more does. You can block the deer access route to the neighbor's property and most likely the deer will still choice the better area (your property). I'd go for long walks in terrible wind down the...
  2. WannabeHunter

    Pack Recommendations **TOO MANY OPTIONS**

    That is correct. The overload "shelf" is built into the bag itself. But the bag can be completely removed and they are planning on selling more bags individually (or so I've heard). Then if you do plan a bigger trip you could just upgrade the bag and run the same frame. @pods8 makes some...
  3. WannabeHunter

    Pack Recommendations **TOO MANY OPTIONS**

    Take a look at the MR Sawtooth 45. If you're not planning on multi-day backcountry hunts, then the sawtooth is a great size for day hunts that may turn into an overnight. It's small enough to not be bulky, but can carry every thing. I don't see the benefit of a fanny pack in addition to a...
  4. WannabeHunter

    Slightly narrow feet with wide heels - good brands to try?

    Asolo fit more narrow than average. I'm definitely a medium width but needed a wide asolo flame. Got them on sierra trading post for $150 ish.
  5. WannabeHunter

    Turkey decoy

    Depends on setup, turkey species, location, hunting activity, etc. For southeastern turkey with a bow....90% of the time decoy necessary. Unless you're in a blind, drawing a bow while a turkey is in view is difficult even with a decoy.
  6. WannabeHunter

    Nonresident Predator Hunting

    We are very interested in any and all hunting opportunities that take us to new terrain. Like you mentioned we are coming out west for an Elk hunt this year, but are very open to bear/wolf hunting in the future. Would you mind if after this elk season I could reach out about future opportunities?
  7. WannabeHunter

    HOT Temps & Whitetails

    Check for low, heavy covered areas with water nearby. Deer want to cool off as much as you.
  8. WannabeHunter

    Coffee !!!!!

    I've been trying tons of different instant coffees over the past year. I'm not getting into the pour over coffee or diy coffee bag stuff. Just straight instant. Trader Joe's Instant 100% Colombian is by far the best I've tried. It's $4 where I am for 3.5 oz. It's a whole jar for $4 !!
  9. WannabeHunter

    Florida ROKSLIDERS.........

    Guess it's South Carolina's turn in the washing machine...
  10. WannabeHunter

    Which kuiu top is this?

    I've seen some of those $12 Enduros in the classifieds for a touch more than $12....
  11. WannabeHunter

    Personal fitness goals

    Been working on these goals for about a year now. I've taken about a 3 week break from most intense exercising leading up to my elk hunt. I've found full recovery for me takes a little longer these days and I want to be fully recovered before hitting the mountain. These goals are not for...
  12. WannabeHunter

    I'd be a better hunter if I....

    ...if I fully acknowledged that being a hunter is truly who/what I am, and dump the rest of this artificial life.
  13. WannabeHunter

    So I discovered Fly Fishing.......

    Check out your local Trout Unlimited chapter. If they're anything like my chapter, they will be an excellent resource.
  14. WannabeHunter

    Taking a friend to a prime spot

    If you have to shake hands and make an agreement, then he's not worth taking. I wouldn't be outright spiteful toward him, but if he ever asked "why don't we hunt together again" I'd have a very clear and honest answer. Among my hunting partners, it is understood; no words need to be spoken...
  15. WannabeHunter

    Broadhead Help

    A simple search will reveal that this is not a settled topic and there are various passionate opinions. I don't want to hijack the thread but I believe I have the a very similar experience as the OP. My broadheads will hit consistently 3 inches left of my fp. I even walk backed with only...
  16. WannabeHunter

    Broadhead Help

    I'll start by saying I'm fairly new to self tuning. But from what I've read, if your bow is tuned for fp and your groups are consistent with fp and boardheads but just hitting in different spots, then you bow is properly tuned. Broadheads will rarely hit dead-on with fp. So I will just be...
  17. WannabeHunter

    Unwanted Black Bear

    Beautiful Freudian slip
  18. WannabeHunter

    Man dressed as grizzly

    How to get yourself killed: 1. Pull a gun on a cop 2. Have your wife sign for hunting gear delivery 3. Dress as dangerous game and scare people