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  1. Justin_the_EDG

    Maven C series vs Vortex Viper HD

    Looking at bumping up my $50 Amazon binos to the next tier I can justify paying. There's tons of reviews on the higher end Maven lines, but nothing on the Cs, let alone a comparo to the Viper HDs. Specifically, I'm looking at the 12x50s. I'd assume the Maven C3 glass may edge the Vipers, but...
  2. Justin_the_EDG

    Potential change to FL Cirrus?

    I had a size large Cirrus that I bought I in December of '17. I swapped for a medium (lost a little weight, and it was on the edge of being big when I got it already) with a guy on Facebook, figuring I might as well get a better fit and drop an ounce of weight or whatever it would be. I BELIEVE...
  3. Justin_the_EDG

    3.8oz Groundsheet including stakes???

    3'8" x 5'3" "Water Resistant" Built in mini-stakes Thoughts on this as a footprint/ground sheet/meat-settin'-spot in place of tyvek or plastic sheeting? Lighter than my current tyvek piece, a bit smaller too, but the stakes are a good bonus imo.
  4. Justin_the_EDG

    Seek Outside Saker, coming soon... "We hear you! We have had many, many requests to adapt our popular Brooks 7400 to the Revolution Platform, and here it is." Dangit, I was settled on a Goshawk for my next pack with the load shelf, slight price savings, and weight savings from the Brooks...
  5. Justin_the_EDG

    Any hands on with Big Agnes AXL Air Insulated?

    The new pad from Big Agnes looks pretty great on paper. I'm worried about durability though with goat-heads and rocky areas here, and despite their claims of magical material awesomeness, a material that thin has to be limited in it's rip/puncture resistance, right? The fact that it's an extra...
  6. Justin_the_EDG

    Generalities of old vs young bucks?

    Been looking through the many "score my..." or "guess the score..." posts, trying to develop an eye for what is a mature buck vs a younger one. Unfortunately, no one posts pictures of anything under 170ish it seems. I'm not trying to be a pro field judge, nor am I trying to nail down the 180+...