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    Sold SO Cimarron & SO Large Titanium Box Stove 6ft Pipe

    I already have the tent, just need your stove so....
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    Hybrid Quilt/Sleeping Bag

    I bought the ugq hybrid last year but havnt been able to try it out yet. (waiting for another knee surgery hence my screen name) Its heavier than what Id like but damn close to advertised. Its a little tight in the shoulders all zipped up but I think it'll help keep me warmer when its below...
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    Keeping water filters thawed when using quilt

    Mine zips and snaps up to my knees with a draw cord at the end
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    Keeping water filters thawed when using quilt

    Never gets much colder than about 25 on my mountain but usually filter goes in the footbox of my quilt along with electronics unless Im charging something.
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    FNG from New Zealand

    Hi! Welcome.
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    FNG from Norway

    Hi! Welcome.
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    Seam sealing new seek outside cimarron

    Yep. Me too.
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    Cimarron pitching trick

    Got anew cimarron on the way. Thanx. I'll for sure try that. Makes sense.
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    Which AICS bottom metal and magazines for my T3x?

    I plan on going with Atlasworx bm and the new MDT 3 round for my t3x 308. Anyone with any experience with these? They also have a shortened mag release that seems the way to go for a hunting rig.
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    Please Welcome Zach Herold to the Rokstaff

    Good to have you here!
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    Tikka T3x

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    Tyvek vs... what to protect groundpad from sharps/wet ground?

    Got it from Mountain Laurel Designs. Maybe there is a difference.
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    Tyvek vs... what to protect groundpad from sharps/wet ground?

    Tried that stuff once. Didn't make it through one trip. I think if you look at it too hard, it will rip.
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    CA Bear Hunting Bill Withdrawn

    Can't believe we actually won one!
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    California introduces bill to ban Bear Hunting

    Thanx for posting that link. I live in Bakersfield which is said to be the most conservative town in Cali. so my reps already oppose most everything the liberals do anyway, but I sent them the message anyway.
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    .444 Marlin Load

    Thinkin about pickin up one someday but here in cali. we're forced to use copper. Any thoughts on Barnes 200 and 225 gr. pistol bullets?
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    308 win. 200 gr. tsx

    Glad you chimed in. I too think if the 200's don't work in the win mag with the same twist, it aint gonna work for me. Only reason I was even considering the 200 is because that was the only bullet I could find available and Barnes has it listed with win.760.
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    308 win. 200 gr. tsx

    Thanks for giving me something else to consider. Don't know that I can find anything other than 200 gr. in Barnes but I'll search.
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    308 win. 200 gr. tsx

    I never bought the 200's. Haven't seen anywhere that 150's and 760 looks too great either. I think you're right though. They look a hell of a lot better than the 200's.