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    Getting Oil Out of Breathable waders

    My Sims Breathables got some 2 stroke mixing oil on them over the course of a recent waterfowl hunt and I am curious if anyone here had any advice or tips on getting it off/ out of the material. I know any of my work clothes that get oil or grease in them get washed with a couple drops of dawn...
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    First time turkey hunter hunting the first turkey season in my home province.

    Like the title states I was successful in my provinces first lottery for a turkey tag for this springs season. Excited and nervous to be getting this great opportunity. Said that the zone I reside in didn't have any tags to apply for since I have a back yard flock of about 20 birds. I've been...
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    FNG from New Brunswick Canada

    New guy here from New Brunswick Canada. I mostly hunt waterfowl, upland and whitetails but have made the occasional blackbear take a dirt nap and been involved with a few successful hunts for moose but haven't drawn my own tag yet. Hoping to learn a little bit and maybe add some useful...