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  1. 260madman

    SWFA 3-15 ffp or Vortex Viper 3-15 ffp mrad?

    Compare subtensions of the reticles and then make a decision. SWFA would be my choice for hunting. The 3-15 is Thick enough to be usable on the low end.
  2. 260madman

    Rings for Weatherby? I’ve had it with Talley

    Vortex Pro series and Warne horizontal. They work with Weaver style and pic rails/2pc bases.
  3. 260madman

    SWFA 3-15 ffp or Vortex Viper 3-15 ffp mrad?

    Are you hunting with it?
  4. 260madman

    .223 for bear, deer, elk and moose.

    Anyhow, loaded some more 75 Amax and 77 TMK with a different powder that I have enough of to last a while. Chronograph is along this time. Don’t think I’ll see XBR this year on the shelf in my area. I’m at the farm by myself for 2 days and then my wife and daughter will be up so I may as well...
  5. 260madman

    .223 for bear, deer, elk and moose.

    I was just wonder why the Legal boundaries of the law. You sounded like the old guys on Glock Talk that say you’ll go to prison for swapping a trigger if you’re ever in a defensive shooting. Takes a lot to offend me, it’s the Internet so no big deal. I have some stories of those...
  6. 260madman

    .223 for bear, deer, elk and moose.

    Legal boundaries of the law?
  7. 260madman

    2.5-15x: The ideal hunting scope?

    So it’s not one of the owners account? 🤔
  8. 260madman

    I need medium/big bore ideas please!

    Mufflers are extra dangerous
  9. 260madman

    Photography- one photo a day

    My huntress had a good Thursday/Friday in Des Moines.
  10. 260madman

    Tract TORIC UHD Hunting Rifle Scope Review

    you would think with FFP and a thin reticle they’d illuminate it so it’s easy to pick up on the low end. My guess is money for the upgrade of illumination and FFP. Get one but not the other.
  11. 260madman

    SWFA business model?

    Yep. Hard to believe Butler Creek hasn’t made anything for over 2 years or they constantly sell out every production run of 20 :rolleyes:. I completely forgot about the order. I was looking at my guns and thought I should order some caps from someone and just forgot. Then it’s like Christmas...
  12. 260madman

    Blood pressure meds

    I took lisinopril for 4-5 months and got off of it because of the cough that goes with it. Now on Losartan and no cough. Also on Chlorthalidone and Atorvastatin. My BP was borderline high 140/90. Ended up with an ischemic stroke and the docs were all shocked and said it shouldn’t have happened...
  13. 260madman

    SWFA business model?

    Look what showed up. Ordered 4/2020 during their tax sale. Forgot all about it until the email notification. 2 years and 4 months later. :ROFLMAO: My 3-9s now have masks, too bad it’s Monkeypox season.
  14. 260madman

    I need medium/big bore ideas please!

    Difference in a 9.3x62 and a 35 Whelen is .008” bullet diameter. Metric or ‘Murican. If your barrel is thick enough it’s a simple rebore and chamber. Cut it to 20” it’s not like either is a screamer velocity wise.
  15. 260madman

    What’s your CC ?

    Greenwood mall isn’t a sketchy area and thank God for Eli Dicken. We were in that mall in March. You never know when. Carry always.
  16. 260madman

    Let’s see how everyone did last year!

    me Wife Daughter
  17. 260madman

    .223 for bear, deer, elk and moose.

    Checked the steel I was shooting at 350 yards. Both of my Salvages were grouping under 4” with 77 TMKs and 75 Amax from my patented benchrest. 26” 9 twist and 20” 9 twist. I paid $425 for the 26” stainless fluted back in 2008 and feel it was worth it. Knocked the spacer out of the mag box and...