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  1. Banded_spooney

    Lack of love for waterfowlers

    Tons of guys on Rokslide killing more big critters than CWD. Where are all the guys who’s true passion is shooting ducks or geese? Where are you located? What species do you spend the most time targeting? Hunting private or are you a refuge rat? Ag land or natural? Since this is a gear site...
  2. Banded_spooney

    Small rifle for mid range hunting on large animals

    I'm dreaming and may or may not purchase a new rifle but frankly, I'm tired of 26" barrels I am looking for rifle and caliber options: I want a caliber that is adequate (read, OVERLY adequate is best) on Elk to 550; Mulies to 650; paper to 750. Gun and scope for 2k total (assume a V4 or VX5 so...
  3. Banded_spooney

    Joe Pickett TV show

    Should I be excited or terrified? Anyone seen it yet?
  4. Banded_spooney

    Sig BDX Rangefinder shoot to range

    Lots of review threads about the BDX and I know it will display the MOA of Mil correction but will the 1600 BDX also give me the option of displaying the shoot to range like the G7? I’d prefer to leave the CDS on my rifle rather than switch back to the standard turret. Also, does anyone know...
  5. Banded_spooney

    X-bolt recoil pad

    Would moving to a limbsaver help manage recoil a bit better than the Inflex pad that comes on the XBolt? Unbraked 28 Nosler. I’m not overly recoil sensitive but any reduction would be nice.
  6. Banded_spooney

    Rogers Toughman Vest. Small only Vest is wildly underrated. Quiet, tough, warm, windproof on sale for $14 but only size...
  7. Banded_spooney

    Pup Eating Doves

    18 month old female lab ate two of the first three doves I killed yesterday so I had to take her home before the afternoon shoot. She is in heat and tends to have a ton of food aggression while in her cycle (this is her second cycle) and my dad had his older female so I'm hopeful that between...
  8. Banded_spooney

    WTB Garmin Rhino 650 Charging Cord

    Long shot but I lost my cord and I can’t find a power cord online that will fit it. Does anyone have an old unit that may be broken and they are willing to sell the cord?
  9. Banded_spooney

    Sold Vortex Viper HD 10x42 AND Viper HD 15x50

    Both sets are in great shape. Glass is perfect. 15's will come with a Vanguard Tri-pod mount but no ocular lens cover or case. -- I bought them used last year and between my friend and I, they probably haven't spent 10 hours total in the field. 10's were sent to me in August before elk season...
  10. Banded_spooney

    Sold Looking for a used or demo set of Meostar 15x56 or Cabelas Euro

    Message me if you have either. Binos can be scuffed up but the lens must be perfect Would also consider a used set of Maven B5's
  11. Banded_spooney

    Vortex Month/ Razor Spotter

    As posted in gear deals, Sportsmen's is having Vortex month. -- Gen 1 85mm Razor HD spotters are only $799 plus a $100 gift card rebate. Since I'll use the GC it means $700 for the spotter Considering I have no plans to drop over a grand on a spotter (let alone 1,800+) in the near future is it...
  12. Banded_spooney

    Lots of upgrading

    I went into the spring with almost Viper everything. 10’s, 15x50’s, full size spotter and a high country tri-pod. thanks to the used market I upgraded my 10’s to SLC’s, thanks to help from folks on this forum I upgraded one of my VX3i’s to a VX5 and thanks to Joel at CameraLand I upgraded to a...
  13. Banded_spooney

    Rifle Scope Selection Help

    I’ve searched a ton of threads on here and they have been super helpful. I’m hoping for a bit more specific info. looking to buy myself a Father’s Day present. Upgrading a vx3i on a 28 nosler. I’ve shot steel to 750 but have never shot an animal past 400. I don’t plan to ever pull the trigger...