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  1. ScottSchiller197

    Vaportrail gen 7 vs trophy taker smack down pro

    Roksliders Starting the yearly winter tinkering I have found myself doing each year. This year a limb driven rest is on the table, Top priorities are 1. Quality of build/reliability. 2. Ease of tuning for broadheads. 3. Fit with a tightspot and black gold ascent slider. Hopefully some of...
  2. ScottSchiller197

    Burn baby burn

    Roksliders, Hoping for some expert opinions on hunting some burns. I hoping to draw a unit this year with some points I've been building up that has some 7-8 year old burns. I have zero experience elk hunting in any type of burns but from what I understand a bigger burn usually puts a...
  3. ScottSchiller197

    What does everyone do for a living?

    I run a few sawmills in the midwest that make hardwood timber’s and crane mats
  4. ScottSchiller197

    Solid color hunting pants / work pants

    awesome, thanks guys, i have a few to try out now.
  5. ScottSchiller197

    Solid color hunting pants / work pants

    Rokslide folks, I have a hard time spending $150 plus on pants in a camo pattern to only wear 2-3 months a year. What are some good options for solid color pants that could double as work or just casual wear pants. Looking for a midweight pant to wear during temps 40-70 degrees , then...
  6. ScottSchiller197

    .30-'06 and .308.

    I had previously kicked around the same idea, i have a 300WM, 30-06, and a .308. Nice having a few rifles to shoot while they cool at the range and being able to somewhat use the same bullets but for any real hunting reason i don't think it makes sense. I always pickup the 300WM no matter...
  7. ScottSchiller197

    New Mexico unit 12

    Johnny, I also have a rifle tag for the same season you did. Spent some time scouting in may, can you shoot me a PM? Have a few questions for you. Thanks!
  8. ScottSchiller197

    MN FNG

    Welcome, fellow Minnesotan. Also about enjoying the process!
  9. ScottSchiller197

    Leupold vx-6 help

    You can still get I almost exact to zero. I just sighted in 2rifles with vx-5. Same issues. See how high you are then do your moa so when you turn it down you’ll be almost exactly on
  10. ScottSchiller197

    Unit 15 NM Rainfall

    How much does rainfall typically effect elk in dry areas later in the year? I have a tag in a bordering unit and found a lot of elk in May on a scouting trip but am concerned if dry they will move to a different area?
  11. ScottSchiller197

    Nice aftermarket wood stock for tikka t3x

    Searched through the threads on here and found this, sorry if its old. Any other options for just a standard Walnut classic style wood stock for a tikka? boyds can do custom but they are like $500. hoping to stay relatively light and beretta won't message back about them
  12. ScottSchiller197

    Elk cartridge - use what I have or new round?

    i have to agree with a few guys on here, hard to beat a classic 30cal. 308, 30-06, or 300 win. i have 1 of each. makes reloading easier as well.
  13. ScottSchiller197

    Surprise NM tag

    great news! I also drew a tag for unit 12, mine is a rifle season. Good luck!
  14. ScottSchiller197

    FNG from Minnesota

    Hey guys, been on Rokslide a few years mostly just following threads and searching old posts for info. Figured I would say Hi and introduce myself. Grew up in ND, now live in Minnesota and finally getting to the point I am able to do more out of State hunts for Elk and Mule deer. Look...
  15. ScottSchiller197

    Hitch Cargo Carrier

    Good Morning Fellas, Going on a longer truck camp based hunt this fall, planning out how i will be packing and can only fit so much in an F-150 with a topper. I would prefer to not have a trailer and have been tossing around using a cargo hitch carrier for holding coolers or extra totes with...