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  1. Trees91

    Weight reduction for wife's rifle?

    We recently decided to sell her Kimber Montana. She didn't seem to shoot that light of a rifle very well and I really think it messed with her confidence. I have a Walmart special adl that I bought years ago to shoot coyotes with. It has a Bell and Carlson stock and aluminum trigger guard, and...
  2. Trees91

    Sold Kimber Montana 6.5cm

    For sale a nearly new Kimber Montana in 6.5 creedmoor. Less than a box of hornady precision hunter through it. Few rounds to sight it in and one for my wife to shoot a doe. Shot factory ammo well, right at an inch. Has a Kimber brake and a Chris84 titanium bolt handle. Will come with 30mm...
  3. Trees91

    Sold 30-06 Extreme Weather barreled action

    Picked this up with plans of finding a McMillan or Bansner and never got around to it....that was a year ago and I've moved on. I've never shot this, I'm the second owner. Was told it shot under and inch. It has been cerakoted black, looks darn good. Moa trigger has been tuned to about 2lbs...
  4. Trees91

    Sold Spyderco pm2

    For sale, a lightly used and sharpened para 2 in s30v. Bronze titanium lynchnw deep carry clip and ripp's garage tech brown linin micarta scales. Can send it with a standard pocket clip if preferred. Will ship in a generic Spyderco box. $125 tyd paypal f&f or usps money order.
  5. Trees91

    WTS Spyderco pm2

    For sale, a lightly used and sharpened para 2 in s30v. Bronze titanium lynchnw deep carry clip and ripp's garage tech brown linin micarta scales. Can send it with a standard pocket clip if preferred. Will ship in a generic Spyderco box. $125 tyd paypal f&f or usps money order.
  6. Trees91

    WTS 2015 Leupold vx-1 3-9x40

    Newer model. Duplex reticle, click adjustments. Clean glass, butler creek caps on it since new. Very faint ring marks, purely cosmetic. I don't have the original box. $250 shipped. PayPal f&f, usps money order or check. .....2-7 has been sold....
  7. Trees91

    Sold Maven B1.2 8x42

    Great condition B1.2. Bought new last August and only used for 2 weekend hunts. Always kept in a case. Great glass, I just have a hard time leaving my 12x50els at home. Figure I can't use two binos at once. $875 shipped. Pp f&f, usps money order or personal check with time to clear. Only...
  8. Trees91

    WTS Kuiu Northridge rain jacket

    $195 shipped obo. Pp f&f or money order. Bourbon color. Size large. In like new condition. Never hunted in. Wore around town a couple times. Just a little too small to layer my hunting gear under.
  9. Trees91

    WTS Kuiu Teton rain gear

    $200 shipped obo. PayPal f&f or check/money order. Older model Teton rain gear. Verde 2.0 Jacket- large Pants- medium Jacket has zippered pockets and shockcord hood. Pants have a shockcord waist and full length leg zips. Have worn for about 4 years. Been great rain gear. Couple small...
  10. Trees91

    Drift boat fishing within driving distance of Anchorage?

    Headed up to Anchorage to guide for bear and moose again this fall. A buddy is wanting to tag along and do a day of fishing before the hunt. Looking for a guide to float a river for the day. Was thinking kenai river, coopers landing area. Or maybe head a different direction? Any good...
  11. Trees91

    300 grain Barnes tsx for brown bear

    Would be shot out of a 375 H&H. Factory ammo...choices are slim. I've never used a barnes or any other mono bullet...for any game. Ive stuck to soft point cup and core style 300 grain for my last bunch of bears. Barnes should have plenty of penetration, but is there any worry about not...
  12. Trees91

    Sold Remington Versa Max

    Original Versa Max with soft comb insert and grip panels. Trinyte coated for corrosion resistance. Not the Sportsman or v3. Bought new in 2010 at the peak of my waterfowl hunting, sadly it was the fall before college and I haven't hunted waterfowl since. Been sitting and I'd like to move it in...
  13. Trees91

    WTS 9" Rocky Ride work boot

    Size 11m. Like new Rocky work boots. I got these through a work promotion, so they do have a small logo on them. These are pretty close to new, I've tried to wear them and they don't fit me well. Couple light scuffs in the leather, soles look like new yet. I did have a pull-on model of the...
  14. Trees91

    WTS Old school Vasque Sundowner 11m

    Modern boot with a design form the 80s. Vasque Sundowner, these have a suede-ish finish and GoreTex liner. These boots have been worn very little, just never fit me right(I have low volume feet). I planned to wear them as an everyday boot, but some people swear by then for hiking. One spot on...
  15. Trees91

    WTS Classic Danner Mountain Light

    Danner x Tanner Goods Lownsdale collaboration mountain light boots. These have been worn very little. They will need new insoles, I pulled the super feet out years ago. Also the laces are random ones I found in my spare gear but are brand new. These are a 9 but run big. If you wear a 10 or...
  16. Trees91

    WTB DIP Tikka T1x magazine base plate.

    Looking for a dip tikka magazine base plate. Let me know if there's any out there. Thanks.
  17. Trees91

    Fullfield II Ballistic Plex sub tensions

    Anyone using one as a light set and forget scope? Thinking about picking one up for a backup rifle. Cameraland has them on sale for $144 at the moment. I'd like to see how the sub tensions line up with my trusty old '06.
  18. Trees91

    Sold Bell and Carlson Winchester m70 La

    Bought this in a pinch so I could use a newly acquired barreled action. With my hunting season over I'm wanting to move this and try a Bansner or Micky. Bedded lug and a dab below chamber by previous owner. Fit his classic sporter and my extreme weather very well. Couple scratches as seen in...
  19. Trees91

    Sold Winchester M70 LA stock.

    I have a long action Bell and Carlson extreme weather take off that came on a rifle I got used. It's been cut to 12.5" LOP for a young or small frame shooter and hydro dipped in a digital red camo. Looks well done, lop chop and pad install looks like factory. Recoil lug area has some bedding...
  20. Trees91

    SO cimarron vs wind

    This has probably been covered before... I have a so cimarron light. The whole tent only has three guy out points...used it this weekend in maybe 20mph wind and it struggled. The four "corners" that don't have guy outs would blow in far enough to hit your head/shoulder while we where sleeping...