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  1. ScreamingPotato

    Scammer Got Me for 2500$

    You may be able to reverse that charge with your bank, $2,500 is worth it. PayPal will kill your account but that's not the worse thing in the world. edit: I'm in for my $10 just tell us where to send it.
  2. ScreamingPotato

    Buffalo Bore Ammo Order Issue

    I read some controversy about UPS refusing to deliver/confiscating ammo shipments. I don't have the article handy but it didn't look good. There was a supplier who supposedly was losing 70% of the shipments they sent out to customers.
  3. ScreamingPotato

    How to NOT piss off others on public land

    There's not really a great way to articulate it in writing, but if you just try to be courteous and not selfish that'll accomplish 99% of the goal here. Basically just don't be a prick and it'll be fine.
  4. ScreamingPotato

    Tossing and turning off your pad

    That ZenBivy looks awesome, too bad they're pretty heavy.
  5. ScreamingPotato

    Talley Lightweight Ring Alternative?

    Having said that, my wife has a set of Talley on her 308. She straight up football spiked her rifle on a boulder when she slipped crossing a creek. We unloaded that rifle and went back to camp midday and shot it, still perfectly zero'd. The scope did eventually develop a fog a few weeks later...
  6. ScreamingPotato

    Talley Lightweight Ring Alternative?

    I've been eyeballing the Leupold's as an alternative but haven't tried them. Anybody else?
  7. ScreamingPotato

    Buffalo Bore Ammo Order Issue

    I hear ya, and agree that's the mature way to be. At this point OP's already got replacement ammo and simply needs a refund not more ammo.
  8. ScreamingPotato

    357 vs. 9mm for hiking Grizz country

    I don't carry a sidearm when rifle hunting, figure that rifle is gonna be the best bet anyway.
  9. ScreamingPotato

    Buffalo Bore Ammo Order Issue

    Would you have said this to one of your customers after the person in charge went a month without replying to emails?
  10. ScreamingPotato

    Buffalo Bore Ammo Order Issue

    Time to dispute it with your CC and move on. Underwood ammo is better anyway.
  11. ScreamingPotato

    WTS Sniperhog 50lrx flashlight red.

    Does it have any mounts?
  12. ScreamingPotato

    Propane boot dryer

    I tried that and couldn't keep it lit, however I bought it used from eBay for cheap and can't get it to stay lit at home either. I know, big help... sorry
  13. ScreamingPotato

    Organ meat in jerky?

    Personally I'd rather eat it in boudin than waste it on jerky.
  14. ScreamingPotato

    Meat Transportation

    Too cold in spots close to it, not cold enough in spots away from it. If you mix it with regular ice it melts down to the bottom then freezes from the dry ice and you end up with a giant meat popsicle that's a pain to pick through when you're home. Also not worth the expense, and since I process...
  15. ScreamingPotato

    Meat Transportation

    I do this all the time, tried dry ice once and never again. I just toss any quarters and trim in the cooler on top of ice and keep the drain plug open. I hate water logged meat so try not to pack too much meat into each cooler otherwise inevitably you'll have some that sort of sinks to the...
  16. ScreamingPotato

    Kuiu vs Sitka pants size

    I think you're looking around 40 with the Kuiu. Kuiu seems to be more towards actual measurements than the rest, so if you measure with a tailor's tape you're gonna be pretty good.
  17. ScreamingPotato

    PSA Dont be these idiots...

    We just need to figure out a way for them to rescue me from the truck and get me 4 miles up the mountain, then I can handle the rest from there.
  18. ScreamingPotato

    T booster at 65+?

    Sorry don't have experience per your criteria, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and you're going to want the real deal.
  19. ScreamingPotato

    Talk Me Out Of A Quilt

    I think they make a more heavily insulated model of that same pad.
  20. ScreamingPotato

    Critique my Food List

    PB is more fats... I don't weight it but to boost protein I'll sometimes bring a packet of tuna (not a can) in oil for extra calories and a block of Ramen noodles, dump the tuna in the Ramen. I do the same with instant taders depending on mood. It's better with taders but noodles are more...