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    New fly fishing setup suggestions needed

    I have been very impressed with the echo ion rods. Pair one with a sierra trading post lamson reel and a good scientific angler line, and you should have a pretty solid set up. Another rod that has really impressed me is the TFO Tircx 5wt no fighting but loaded with a 6wt line.
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    WTS/WTT Gear Upgrade Sell

    PM sent on the vest.
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    Fishing in the Florida Everglades

    I fished out of Everglades city a few times. Did all of my fishing out of a kayak. I went out with a guide the fist day and he lined me out with areas I could fish on my own the rest of the time. Local knowledge is priceless, everything looks fishy, but precious little actually holds fish. Areas...
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    WTS Hunt Redi Upland Vest

    What size?
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    Newbies first post. Elk caliber question.

    Shoot which ever you feel the most comfortable with. Think about prone off a back on a steep hill side, or standing against a tree, not a bench.
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    Need a pack for work

    Agreed. My phone autocorrect came to cake, maybe my lunch takes up a little more room than yours.
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    Need a pack for work

    Kifaru 14’r was the first thing that cake to mind. It would be an investment but you would have it forever. Might be included in the sale they have going on. I have a avail and it would be a tight fit with lunch and a spotter.
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    Polarized Sunglasses

    Natives are worth looking at.
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    Long range digiscoping?

    The nest was around 100 yards, the other maybe 40. 20x on a older non HD 65mm STX.
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    Long range digiscoping?

    I have a g9x with a scopecam adapter and am very happy with it. Works particularly well for video. I picked up the camera used, whole setup was well below your budget. The camera definitely has its limitations but it works well for the application. Set up is slower than a phoneskope, but image...
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    Bedside gun storage

    I have the exact same set up on my nightstand and it works great. Never had to use it for real, but have gotten lots of practice grabbing it to go chase coyotes away from the chicken coop. Works great.
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    The 1 Thing You Learned- Glassing Smarter

    If you want to get good at something do it a bunch. Get in all the reps you can. Teach your self to recognize what ever critter you are after in the type of country you plan to hunt in by doing it every chance you get. Just because you can’t hunt that park or preserve doesn’t mean you can’t...
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    Lead poisoning in eagles

    I wish this issue was not so political. For me it was pretty simple Barns TTS kill elk just fine. My wife worked at a wild life rehab facility and most of the eagles they got in had high levels of lead in their blood. I watched a Golden eating the gut pile from an elk I killed the night before...
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    My Puppy Ate My Caribou Skull

    My dogs literally spent a day eating the antlers off of my first archery elk. I wish I had a picture of both of them laying on either side of the skull chewing away with only about 5 inches of antler left. Also which I had a picture of them squaring side by side the next morning trying to crap...
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    Any Watch Nerds to point me?

    The glycine combat sub is a great watch and one of the best values I have found in something Swiss made. I absolutely love mine as do several of my buddies that have them. And it is available in bronze. There are some good deals out there especially on the grey/used market.
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    Options for a short barrel "brush" gun in bolt action?

    I have been known to sneak my wife’s Ruger American youth .308 into the woods every now and then. It is scoped but on low power it works pretty good.
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    New hunting gear for this new year you guys are excited about?

    I am really digging the new hydro pack from kifaru.
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    Oryx questions (off range)

    167. No heavy bones impacted.