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    Versatile hunting dog?

    I have a GWP - super similar to a dhrat though that statement can cause all manner of controversy - about as bad as saying "just pulled my first CO elk tag in Unit XX, anyone been there before?". His mom was out of a dhrat program and then reregistered. Super weird story. Anyway, he's an...
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    Colorado actually going to change things?

    I think 80/20 would be a good split. I think for OTC picking a unit and having a cap or quota is a decent idea. Not necessarily for herd health but more for giving residents better opportunities. I thought I read somewhere (of course can't find the article now) that one problem is that the food...
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    Colorado archery elk, first hunt

    There's only so many access points and options if you're not using pack animals so that needs to be taken into account. You're gonna see people. The not wilderness is an outdoor playground for jeepers, hikers and hippies. Being 2 hours from Denver makes it chaos when the weather is nice. ATVs...
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    Duck gun

    Franchi Affinity. Pretty close to the same as the Benelli M2 I have and should be under a grand. One of my hunting buddies has one and its a nice shooter.
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    How many boxes of shells...?

    I went through just over a case last year, 6 and 7.5 shot. Should be fine there for the club and planted birds when feeling lazy or friends want to come or whatever. Picked up a case of #4 bismuth just now since I didn't get even try for waterfowl last year when i procrastinated that order...
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    20 gauge recommendations?

    I like my Benelli M2 a lot. Didn't think I would dig a plastic gun but its light, the trigger pull is perfect, came with a nice set of choke tubes and it recoils softer then I fart. One of my buddies has the Franchi version of that and its a nice shooter as well. I'd like to add a 28 gauge o\u...
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    Shock Collar options for upland bird hunting.

    Dogtra for training 2700T&B. The neat thing is that even if you only have the one dog option you can send it back to Dogtra and they'll make it 2 dog (using the flippy switch for tone type) for like 50ish bucks last time i checked. I also have a Garmin 200i for when were camping or hunting...
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    Versatile hunting dog?

    I have a GWP. He is a monster in the field and he does have a lot of prey drive. Wants to murder anything with feathers or fur. He's great to work with - I could give him to anyone to hunt and he'd happily do so. Strong runner, excellent nose, very steady for his first year though we'll need to...
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    Things you wish you knew about elk hunting

    Outside of the hunting aspect - proper hydration was an issue the first time out for me. I was in a spot that had plenty of clear, cool, delicious spring water - just didn't drink enough. 100% on the slowing down. I didn't get busted by a cow but by a trailing young bull last time. If I would...
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    Colorado OTC Units

    A great fisherman once said, "If they're not shallow they're deep and if they're not deep they're somewhere in between".
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    First year Colorado otc archery elk

    Hydrating + using a hydration aid like liquid IV or pedialyte is a great suggestion as well.
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    First year Colorado otc archery elk

    A decent packable puffy is a good thing to have - it is unlikely that you'll use it but I won't go without one now. As mentioned pretty much anything can happen in the high country and it can quickly turn from 60 and sunny to winter. We got caught on a camping trip between 10 and 11k in...
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    Colorado OTC Units

    To echo that statement: I drew a NM unit last year. Saw more hunters while actively hunting there then i did in CO while actively hunting. Though I also saw more elk in NM so take that fwiw. The OTC units are tough from the sheer amount of pressure that pushes them into weird spots. That first...
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    Ideas on tiring out bird dogs when you can’t hunt them

    I have a GWP under 2 and there isn't any tiring him out physically unless he's out for a +4 hour hunt. He needs to be worked with some purpose and with a person to have him satisfied. 20 mins of heel training is probably going to wipe yours out more then letting them run around the back yard...
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    First Archery Elk Hunt in CO

    You're going to want a warmer sleeping bag. Being cold and not sleeping is miserable. You will also want a puffy jacket. Even if its July I won't go up into the high country without a puffy. When we first moved to CO we got whacked with a hail storm on the hike in for a weekend camping trip...
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    Colorado OTC Units

    Also keep in mind that hiking in 6 miles at 10,000ft is brutal. If you're solo (assuming you go no further in) that's 5ish trips with 60-80 lbs of meat on your back assuming you kill an animal. Which is like 60 miles round trip and you still have to drag your camp out. Even if you're a bad ass...
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    Samsung vs apple

    I moved from Android over to Apple this past year. The Apple hardware is pretty robust and they support their products for a longer time period. From a phone perspective 5-7 years vs usually 3 on the Pixel side at least. With the control they exert over their eco system - things seem to work...
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    MT Elk Lawsuit

    That's my issue with Colorado. Reporting should be mandatory and electronic. The NM e-tag was easy enough to use. AZ looks like they're moving to an app based approach as well. As you said its pretty impossible to make a data driven decision when the data (to be nice I guess) is not as...
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    How Much PTO Do You Have?

    Comes out to something like (and it accrues over the year) 20 Vacation (can roll over a maximum of 5) 10 Sick (5 can be used as personal or wellness days and cannot carry more than 10 at a given time) 11 Holidays And that is based on corporate title and seniority. Which sucks for entry level...
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    Is training forced fetch ethical?

    Haven't force fetched my pointer. Haven't had a huge issue with him not bringing the bird to my hand (eventually) either. He was destroying birds at the beginning of the season and by the end he was picking them up by the back and delivering them in good shape. It just took him some time to...