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  1. Gman

    Stablilizer location

    The other thread got me thinking and didn't want to derail that one so I'm starting this one. Where do most of you position your stabilizer? Centered in the stabilizer threads on the bow? Or do you use an offset? If using an offset which side do you typically off set to and what types of angles...
  2. Gman

    KUIU polartec shirt - my new favorite item

    So last week or so I got suckered into an impulse purchase. I got one of those KUIU inner circle only emails announcing a new, super limited edition polartec shirt. I felt the pressure to get in and knowing I've loved my other fleece shirts by other companies I pulled the trigger on a blue/black...
  3. Gman

    Bigger Avatar view?

    Is there a way to get a bigger view of someone's avatar? Lots of cool avatars I'd like to see better but they're all about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch on my computer. Thanks!
  4. Gman

    Who's a pulk puller?

    The snow's starting to come down a little here in CO which means winter camping and hunting is just around the corner. I've spent the last 2 yrs playing around with homemade pulks -- and they're great and very affordable. But last winter I had the opportunity to pull a Kifaru sled and once that...
  5. Gman

    Need some rec's for goat burger

    Okay, So I got my mountain goat processed and while there ordered up a bunch of jalapeno, bacon, cheese burger. So it's just burger with all that stuff in it. Sounded so good at the time but now I'm home and wondering what can I cook with it besides some traditional burgers on the grill. I'm...
  6. Gman

    2012 CO Mountain Goat Hunt

    Before I get started with the story - I want to acknowledge some people so it doesn't get lost at the bottom or in my rambling. Most of us here on this site are DIY (Do it Yourself) hunters. And many times, myself included, we take great pride in the "Y" part - yourself. However, what I've...
  7. Gman

    DIY iPhone Digiscoping Mount

    One of the things I always have with me in the backcountry is my iPhone. And now with the increase of live hunts and posting from the field I wanted to create my own digiscope mount for my Swaro ATM 65 20x60 spotter. I had previously purchased a Tines up adapter for my 3/4 DSLR Sony camera --...
  8. Gman

    Live Hunt Tips and Tricks

    Post-Live hunt, I'm going over how we could have done better or made it better. I thought it would be a good idea as we get more experience with these to start a tips/tricks list of things to improve on. My first thoughts are this: 1. It's already been said, but focus on the hunt, not the...
  9. Gman


    That's me this week. I'm getting absolutely no work done as I wait for Friday when I hike in for the CO opener. To make matters worse, I've been so on top of gear organization and packing I really don't have much to do to keep me busy and take my mind off of the hunt. I was so jacked up I could...
  10. Gman

    Fletching help - thoughts

    Been fletching my own arrows but I can't seem to get the top right edge (when upside down in the jig) to lay down correctly. It's as if it always wants to peel. Not sure if this is my arrow, too much offset, fletching, jig, etc. I'm using: Bitzberger straight jig 3" fusion vanes (also have...
  11. Gman

    ID Bugaboo Modification

    I've really been loving my Integral Designs bugaboo bivy It's relatively light, on the minimalist side, and made of eVent material. However, like a lot of gear, it was ALMOST perfect. I never really liked the flexible wire that was in the hood, designed to keep the bivy off your face when all...
  12. Gman

    Upcoming REI sale

    Just a heads up that the upcoming REI sale has many items going on sale that have recently been discussed here: Exped UL pads, BA tents, Black Diamond trekking poles, Mtn House meals, super feet insoles, REI brand eVent rain shell, Garmin gps', etc. there's much more but that's what struck me...
  13. Gman

    Mountain Goat Books?

    So, now that the CDOW has officially posted results I'm a goat hunter this year, and I believe I actually drew (I always doubt the backdoor results even though they've never been wrong). One of the things I'm really looking forward to is immersing myself in goat knowledge and lore. I've already...
  14. Gman

    String clip/hook recommendations

    Anyone have a good recommendation for a string clip/hook that works well with a pack belt? Thinking of giving one of these a try this year. Specifically using a Timberline belt.... Saw a couple doing a Google search but would like to know what's proven in the field. Thanks!
  15. Gman

    WY pref point question

    I was going to put my WY antelope app in online this weekend and want to clarify something. As far as I can tell WY does not let you choose a preference point as your first choice in order to build points and then list a second choice like CO. Am I reading that correctly? From what I gather I...
  16. Gman

    Application Freak Out!

    Anyone else going through application freak out!? I must have flip-flopped a dozen times (and that was just this morning) on some of the choices I'm making for my upcoming CO applications -- so many decisions on when or where to burn points and over analysis of draw odds and trying to figure...
  17. Gman

    WY Refund Policy

    I've been all over the WY fish and game site and for the life of me cannot find their refund policy on tags. For example say I draw now but have a conflict in the fall can I turn it in and get my money back like CO or is it tag soup time?
  18. Gman

    total Arrow weight/set up

    Need some advice from the archery experts. Just changed my arrow set up to a Eason FMJ 340 with a 100gr Stinger. Total arrow should come in around 470gr with a draw weight of 68-70lbs. Does this sound about right? I'm second guessing the broadhead weight, thinking I should have went 125 gr...
  19. Gman

    icon for web browser tab

    It may be silly, but when I have a bunch of tabs going in a single webbrowser there is no identifier that one of the tabs is Rokslide. So i have to click every tab until I find the right one. Maybe set the preferences so there's an crazy ram icon or rokslide icon in the browser tab? Hope that...
  20. Gman

    29% off at Neptune Mountaineering Today Only

    Hey everyone, A local Boulder shop, Neptune Mountaineering, is offering 29% off today and today only on all instore and online purchases. Most everything is included so if you're looking for a big piece of gear this might help you out. Free shipping on over $50 too. They have many major...