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  1. Buckshot85

    Sold .300WM Ammo

    Price is shipped to the lower 48. All or none. It’s just too expensive to ship a box or two. DISCREET PayPal F&F. Non-firearm/ammo message. Better yet, no message at all. I’m not going screw anyone. None of us need the drama. $300 shipped.
  2. Buckshot85

    Sold Gen 3 Little Bastard Muzzle Brake.

    Only 80 rounds through this muzzle brake. Had it on a Ridgeline .300wm. Sold the rifle. Tunable and it works. Helps reduce torque and rise quite well. 5/8-24 thread. $120 shipped to the lower 48. Discreet PayPal F&F.
  3. Buckshot85

    Some days…..

    Some days the blessings are obvious!
  4. Buckshot85

    Sold APA 30mm True Lock Rings

    Barely used, like new. Excellent rings. 3/4” height. I had these on a 50mm objective scope on a rail. $145 shipped to the lower 48. PayPal F&F or add 4% Ask questions before committing.
  5. Buckshot85

    Sold Night Force NXS 5.5-22x50

    I bought this new from Doug at Cameraland. Excellent condition. Sold the rifle it was on and only fired 80 rounds through that rifle. Will ship in original box. Glass is like new. $1500 shipped to the lower 48. Ask questions before committing. Payment: PayPal F&F or add 4% AND label as...
  6. Buckshot85

    Sold Christensen Ridgeline .300wm

    Break in has been done with 80 rounds of HSM. That’ll save you $250 I have not zeroed this rifle with any specific load. I am only selling because we have an African trip coming up next spring and could use the cash for that. If it doesn’t sell it will not break my heart. I have never...
  7. Buckshot85

    Barrett Fieldcraft barrel floating

    For those familiar with the Fieldcraft, any of you decide to float the barrel?
  8. Buckshot85

    WTS Federal Premium 30-06

    5 full boxes. Federal Premium 30-06 180gr. Nosler AccuBond Different box designs, same Federal part number. All or none. PayPal F&F or add 4%. $275 plus $20 shipping to the lower 48. I can take whatever pic you want to prove this is not a scam and that I actually have these to sell. I don’t...
  9. Buckshot85

    Accuracy tanked.

    First off, don’t holler at me, I’m sensitive. Haven’t cleaned my Barrett 30-06 for about a year. Really don’t have but maybe 40 rounds through it I’m guessing. Went out today and the same ammo that was shooting 3/4” is now 2.5” at 100 yards. Any chance it’s just copper corrosion? Can I...
  10. Buckshot85

    Oregon hunt.

    Hello, Everyone. Looking to do something different so I’ve been thinking about a Columbia Blacktail hunt. As with all guided hunts prices are making things unreachable. My wife might come along and it’d be a cool trip for us. Any way, has anyone here had a hunt with Upfront Outfitters? They...
  11. Buckshot85

    Nosler Ammunition

    Anyone have any insight, hear anything or talk to someone that knows what Nosler’s production is? Like a huge number of others, I’m looking for their #60059, Trohpy Grade 180 AB .300wm. Of course, out of stock everywhere at the moment, unless you’re willing to pay over $100 a box.
  12. Buckshot85

    Sold AR Pistol with SBT Brace

    AR Pistol with SBT brace. Never fired. No ammo and no time. Magpul grip and mag. Fold down sights, flashlight and sling and will include a set of quick take down pins. Just need the cash right now. $650 cash, PayPal F&F or add 3%, no trades. Price shipped to the lower 48. Must ship to your...
  13. Buckshot85

    Sold AR pistol w/ SB brace

    Never fired. Assembled a while back and just haven’t found the time or reasonably priced ammo to take it out. Wylde .223 chamber. Magpul Pmag and grip. Flip up sights. Flashlight 7.5” barrel. Quick take down pins included as is sling. Must ship to your FFL who must accept from a private seller...
  14. Buckshot85

    Sold Sig P320 X-Carry 9mm

    Hate to sell this, but have other more important needs at the moment. Honest round count is about 325 rounds. All FMJ, not that it matters. 6 Sig mags, holster and case. $425 shipped to your FFL in the lower 48. Your dealer must accept from a private seller. PayPal F&F or add 3%.
  15. Buckshot85

    Sold .300WM brass

    50 New Norma 40 once fired Norma 40 once fired HSM (FC) 20 once fired Rem 16 once fired Win 1 once fired PMC PayPal F&F $115 shipped in the lower 48 Not splitting up. Cross posted
  16. Buckshot85

    Seating depth or powder charge

    I am not a reloader. I’m curious which is more important. seating depth or powder charge. I’ve been measuring factory ammo for length just for helluva it. Ive measured Winchester, Remington, Nosler, Federal and HSM. A couple different types in a few of those listed. Even the Nosler Trophy...
  17. Buckshot85

    Gator hunt

    Since Wyoming got all jacked up I decided I’m not gonna sit home this fall. Im going get a bucket list item checked off and go kill a gator. I have a guide in my mind, Florida, and have spoke with them on the phone. He’s been doing it for 30 years, 3rd generation, no kill no pay. Him and wife...
  18. Buckshot85

    WTB .300WM Hornady 200 gr. ELDX #82002

    Yeah, I know, good luck. I want to buy 1 box to see if my rifle is happy with it. At least then if it becomes available at some point I can buy a few boxes for the fall. Appreciate a reasonable offer.
  19. Buckshot85

    Sold Timney trigger

    Was the factory installed trigger on my Barrett Fieldcraft (Rem 700 and clones). Single stage. Approximately 175 rounds pulled. No bolt release. Was set around 2.75 lbs. $90 shipped to the lower 48. Paypal F&F or add 3%. Looking for Hornady .300 WM 200 gr. ELDX ammo
  20. Buckshot85

    Sold Anderson AR Lower, complete.

    Anderson lower and internals. Radical M4 stock and Expo grip. Will include a set of quick takedown pins. Never assembled to an upper. All new. Extra to my needs. $135 shipped to the lower 48. PayPal F&F or add 3%. Your FFL must accept from private seller.