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  1. Broken Arrow

    Traditional a handicap?

    I went on my first elk hunt and shot a cow this year. Many people commented great job and with trad bow. How many of you feel like a simple stick n sting is a handicap? Me personally I've shot compounds with sights etc and to me that's a handicap. When I have a critter in front of me it's just a...
  2. Broken Arrow

    Knee pain

    Been back from Colorado for over a week and my right knee is still hurting. I don't think I twisted it or anything damaging while in the mountains? Anyone else have issues after hiking for several days?
  3. Broken Arrow

    Having a little trouble.

    Ok I've extended my range out to 50 yds (would never take a shot at a live critter less I was 8 for 10 on the range and it was an out in the open kinda shot) but my problem is if I can blur the arrow/ rise I'm in. If I can't I shoot wide right or left trying to stay focused on my spot. You guys...
  4. Broken Arrow

    Having a little trouble.

    Ok if extended my range out to 50 yds (would never take a shot at a live critter less I was 8 for 10 on the range and it was an out in the open kinda shot) but my problem is if I can blur the arrow/ rise I'm in. If I can I shot wide right or left trying to stay focused on my spot. You guys that...
  5. Broken Arrow

    Organizing and practice.

    All our preparations: exercise, practice with our weapon of choice, pouring over maps, scouting, etc got me to thinking.... How many of you practice packing unpacking gear, setting up and tearing down camp? I'm thinking if everything has a place and I know where everything is/goes I can be more...
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    Who does yoga as part of their training? I started today and all I can say is I will keep doing it! It is way harder than it looks and I can see it as a way to relax tired muscles after a day of bushwacking.
  7. Broken Arrow

    Lighting my pack

    Trying to think of ways to reduce the weight of my pack. Thinking about removing some of the padlocks being there a ton and a lot of them are in non ideal places. Has anyone done this? I have a blue widow by the way if that helps. Thanks Jason
  8. Broken Arrow

    First time co draw

    This will be my first year to play the draw. I'm not really planning to get drawn should I just do the pp option or pick a unit that takes a lot of points? Thanks
  9. Broken Arrow

    Bow quiver or something else?

    I bought a new recurve last summer and have always used a back quiver. I don't see me dragging around a heavy leather back quiver on a backpack hunt. Trying to decided on a limb bolt quiver or a light weight quiver I can attach to my pack. What do you use and way do you prefer it?
  10. Broken Arrow

    Blue tongue disease

    My area got hit hard with the drought the deer took a beating. Anyway hunted 2 days with my daughters and what is normally 10 to 15 deer sightings a day was 0!!! Should I even take them again? I don't want them to get so discouraged that they give up on hunting.
  11. Broken Arrow

    Solid anchor

    Just curious to hear some anchor points others use. I have always been in the corner of the mouth but during actual hunting situations I tend to draw longer and always pick a spot at the bottom of the chest to compensate for it. I'd like to find a rock solid anchor.
  12. Broken Arrow

    Your favorite week.

    If you had to pick a can't miss week of bow season which week would it be?
  13. Broken Arrow

    Public land outfitters?

    I know the area I'm planning to hunt has at least one outfitter that runs wall tents and horses. Does anyone have experience dealing with this? Planning 4 1/2 mile hike before leaving the main trail for game trails. But my scouting showed evidence of horses just about everywhere I went even...
  14. Broken Arrow

    Tire chains??

    What is everyones opinion? Lets say late Sept forest service rd no jeep trails as they call them on the map. I am running M/S tires 4x4 quad cab Dakota w/3" body lift Do I need them? 2 or 4? Cable or link type? Should I throw some sand bags in the bed? Thanks Jason
  15. Broken Arrow

    Vortex crossfire

    Anybody have or have used these thinking about the 8x42s being I'll be hunting timber mostly
  16. Broken Arrow

    Setting up camp how close is to close?

    Let's say you have your camp on your back and find a lot of fresh sign maybe even seen some elk. How far would u back off before setting up camp?
  17. Broken Arrow

    If you only had a week....

    If all you could manage was 5 days for a hunt with the almost $600 tag and $500 in gas would you go for it?
  18. Broken Arrow

    Pimples (yes really) :)

    Ok so I noticed I get pimples were my harness rides on my shoulders and chest. Also after a long weekend without a shower hiking in the mountains my face has broke out. Anyone else have these problems?
  19. Broken Arrow

    Flying tabs driving?

    Ok was thinking about flying to Denver then renting a truck driving to my spot and if I get, actually when I get my elk driving back to KC. Has anyone else done something simalar? I hate my IPhone sometimes meant flying verses driving.
  20. Broken Arrow

    Keeping feathers dry

    What do you guys do to keep your feathers dry on pack in hunts? Even with water proofing here in Mo after a couple hours they get pretty flat.