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    Idaho units that gave nonresident tags in 2013 for Bighorn sheep and Mountain goat.

    Here are the units that nonresidents will be hunting in Idaho for sheep and goat in 2013! Hopefully someone here at Rokslide will end up with one of the tags! California Bighorn sheep Units 41-1 & 41-2 Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep Units 11, 19, 27-5, 28-2, 37A, & 27L Rocky Mountain Goat...
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    Montana Goats 2012!

    On 8/31 I am packing into unit 314 in Montana for the first hunt of the year. Two friends were lucky enough to draw the tags. This is a new area for us but with all the help we have received we should have a great hunt. As soon as the second goat is down. We will be headed to unit 329 for...
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    New Mexico Coues

    Lady luck is on my side this year! I found out I pulled my third great draw tag this year. I will be hunting Coues deer in southern New Mexico this fall!
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    Training for the upcoming hunting season! What motivates you?

    I will be the first to admit that as soon as hunting seasons ends the last thing on my mind is training for the upcoming season. I just want to relax and be lazy. My motivation for working out is to enter as many competitions I can throughout the spring and summer. I am a very competitive...
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    Grip and Grin Moose Pictures

    I know a lot of you guys and gals have put moose on the ground so post you picture and tell a little about the hunt. This one is just for fun! This was the toughest hunt I have ever been on. Twenty four days of hunting before I found this moose in northwest Montana. A cool thing about this...
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    Grip and Grin Goats?

    With all the Grip and Grin Contests going on I thought we should do one for Goats! Post you picture and tell a little about the hunt. This one is just for fun! I well get things started with my Montana billy. I was lucky enough to sneak with 55 yards and sent my first arrow right behind the...
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    Which state would you pick?

    If you could pick any state to have a antelope tag in and it was good statewide. Which state would you pick and why? I would pick Nevada. I was born and raised in that desert and would love my chance to find a monster. It also helps that a buck was killed there last year that scored in the...
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    Utah Application Deadline today!

    Today this the deadline to apply for your tags. If you miss the draw you still have until March 8th to purchase a point. Good luck to all. If I can not draw the tag it might as well be you!