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  1. stonewall

    90/10 Rejected

    Texas. It sucks equally for resident and nonresident. I really shouldn’t say that I guess; I’m one of the fortunate ones with some land access. But unless you own it or know someone who does, you’re only real opportunity is to pay for it.
  2. stonewall

    NM Goat Down

    That’s an awesome buck. Congratulations! Amazing accomplishment I drew an archery nm tag a few years ago. I spent a week crawling all over the prairie unsuccessfully. Wish I could have a do over one of these days
  3. stonewall

    Any Better Call Saul fans on here? (obligatory possible spoilers)

    actually i haven't watched el camino yet. planning to do so after BCS finishes. makes sense that his story would be concluded in there...
  4. stonewall

    Any Better Call Saul fans on here? (obligatory possible spoilers)

    2 more episodes to go... I'm liking the tie in to BB. I'm guessing Jimmy is about to get himself (Gene) in trouble: either the guy he drugged dies or catches him stealing, ultimately landing Jimmy in prison. I'm leaning to he accidently kills him and then Jeff turns him in. I would like...
  5. stonewall

    Sold Vortex Kaibab HD 18x56 binos

    still available? sent a pm
  6. stonewall

    SKRE Lost Peak Ultralight jacket vs others

    I’m not sure how helpful I can be. I don’t have anything from any of those other brands and I’ve not used it as a mid layer. I think it could work as one though I’ve used it in the tree stand deer hunting. Start in the morning with it. As the day warms up it comes off. Then as the sunsets back...
  7. stonewall

    Wyoming Antelope Results Tomorrow!

    not sure how it happened, but i swung for the fence and drew a great tag :)
  8. stonewall

    User 3D Targets

    Yes. Clubs will sell older targets. You need to be present (so to speak) to have a chance at them tho
  9. stonewall


    We home school. my wife was a teacher so she has a really good handle on it. We use abeka curriculum. As posted above, having the ability to go on trip anytime is great. We’re able to go places when not so crowded (avoiding spring break and winter break)
  10. stonewall

    Sold Bow Press

    Gohunt has it on sale right now fwiw. 382.50 Or fulcrum has it for 380 and free ship:
  11. stonewall

    Any Better Call Saul fans on here? (obligatory possible spoilers)

    yes. i was shocked last night. i enjoyed rereading this thread. looks like i got the Howard call right, unfortunately. and got nacho's fate wrong, also unfortunately. wonder if Lalo will kill Kim...or maybe the vacuum guy finally appears. I say that, the actor who played the role passed...
  12. stonewall

    Certainly worth a gander.....but don't delete it just because you don't believe it.

    I appreciate the thread at least. Perhaps we can all be respectful to each other? I’ve struggled with this for a while now. I grew up in the church. Catholic up till about end of high school then baptist church. I once thought a person could just figure out how old the earth is by simply...
  13. stonewall

    WY Elk, what does the future tell us?

    Haven’t read all the posts. But what would help fix all this is if elk (and pronghorn) could actually be recovered to their historic ranges. Might as well add bison and sheep to that while I’m dreaming…
  14. stonewall

    2022 Rokslide Cold Bow Challenge

    Mathew’s chill r 70#, 30” draw Black gold 5 pin slider Ripcord max rest 15” beestinger up front, 8” on back Scott longhorn hinge release Black eagle Spartan 300 with 75 gr weights up front Aae Max stealth vanes One stringer wraps Kudu 100 grain broadhead I’ve been in a slump so shooting 50...
  15. stonewall

    Survey -

  16. stonewall

    Is it just me? - Chris Roe…

    War, What is it good for? sorry, couldn't help myself. ha. i Like Chris Roe. yeah, perhaps long winded, but I find his information substantive. and i love the enthusiasm. i've not seen his stuff on elk collective, just referencing other videos i've seen of his
  17. stonewall

    Y’all think Ammo is bad? - EDIT: Baby Formula Shortage, Rokslide is AWESOME

    For those in need, I’ll be happy to check my local stores as well. Send pm and we can swap phone numbers