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    More Idaho Hunting Politics

    Looks like the chairman of the Wild Sheep Foundation was the puppet master behind the last tag grab attempt and the ousting of the commissioners. Puts WSF right up there with SFW in terms of "kings deer" wildlife management philosophy. Wildlife federation charges political interference led to...
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    Idaho politicians at it again!

    It seems to be getting worse and worse. Start here Now here A full rundown of the crooked...
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    Hunting Voodoo

    I'm not a real superstitious guy and I figure most everything has an explanation. With one exception. "That gun" Not to turn this into a gun mfg or caliber debate I'll just say I had a well made American firearm in a proven magnum caliber that shot clover leaf patterns with some regularity...
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    Moose Arrow?

    My current set up is a 490 grain arrow at 292 fps. I just drew my first moose tag and I'm wondering if I should go heavier than 490. I want to make any changes now so I can shoot it all summer. Thoughts from those of you with moose experience.
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    Remington Trigger Settlement

    Remington has a preliminary settlement of the trigger class action lawsuit. http//
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    I drew in Idaho!

    The results are out and I'm moose hunting this fall.
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    Anyone shot the Carbon Overdrive?

    I like the looks of them but its about a 2 hour drive to shoot one. Does anyone here have hands on time with one?
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    Successful first scouting trip!

    My daughter has been begging to go hunting with me since she was 2 last year we did a little day trip that was more of a drive that got her out of the house than a hunt. This year I knew it wouldn't be so easy with her being a very grown up (in her mind) 4 year old. We compromised by agreeing to...
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    Zamberlan Dakota GT RR

    Anyone have any experience with these. I have the Vios 1009 GT RR wide boots and they are the best boots I've ever worn but they are to warm for summer scouting / fishing trips. I am affraid the Dakotas may be to narrow so if anyone has any first hand knowledge of the fit or quality please feel...