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    Hoyt 2022, are you still happy with it?

    I have a '22 Ventum 33 Pro Shoots GREAT. Only reason I picked it up is because at the same draw weight as my Z7, its shooting the same weight arrow at almost 40 fps faster. In my mind that was a reason to change. The quiver system and picatinny sight mount are great additions in terms of accessory
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    Home Solar thread

    Well as a short update, I was able to talk with a guy at work(but waay different department) and he happens to live just up the street from me. He did solar a year ago and its a dang good system. Very similar in size to mine. He's a numbers nerd because he does lots of reverse engineering and...
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    Home Solar thread

    So i originally typed this from my phone so i was disinclined to type out a larger thread Per my power company they will credit me 1 for 1 on accumulated KwH. Assuming my energy use is fixed at 800kwh/m; if I use 800 kwh/month and generate 1000 over the course of 3 months; they'll accumulate a...
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    Home Solar thread

    I'm calling my electric company this week for sure to get clarification on credits
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    Home Solar thread

    Had a solar guy roll through my area and he got my attention so I listened to his spiel. I got the dude some basic info and basically a 8.76kw system will get me 120% of my peak usage. it sounds like it's going to be string inverter type instead of a micro inverter. I.I don't consider it to be...
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    Diamox for altitude

    I vote yes on it. I and a fomer GF hiked in Peru up over the Andes. Cusco to Machu Picchu. I got diamox for the trip and she did not. She was knocked out with nausea and massive headaches. Fortunately you can get altitude meds at any pharmacy without Dr. script. Keep in mind it does...
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    Jocko Willink Origin Hunting Gear?

    There definitely needs to be some sort of deciding criteria for what people define as 'quality' or "better" A company needs quality materials, quality workmanship, and a good QA dept. Kuiu (Toray) makes some amazing fabrics Origin (so far in my experience) makes a great pair of jeans At the...
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    Merino Underwear

    I don't wear underwear when I hunt. I wear skin tight leggings that are temperature appropriate. ua warm weather gear when it's above 50 degrees. merino or merino blend when it's below 50 Fahrenheit. 2 fold reasoning. controls ticks and wick away moisture. during the regular work week...
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    Danner boot sizing

    sure that might be the case but they won't re-sole if the welting comes up and I've burned through 2 sets of Acadias. first time I thought it might be my fault so I made sure to take a bit more care of my second set.. same thing happened.
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    Danner boot sizing

    personally I wouldn't buy Danner. I've gone through 2 pairs of Acadias faster than. they should have worn out and the welting fails in about 3 months and Danner won't repair without charging more than the cost of the boot
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    Jeans Review: Origin

    i think these jeans have been covered a few times, but i'll throw in an official review and update it in 6ish months Jeans: Original 14 oz raw denim Price: $100/$124 . if you buy 2 pairs you get a discount. These are not he least expensive 100% american jeans. But they're still in the...
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    Despite that belief, you actually be surprised at how easy it is to provide an extremely high level of education with just a few tips and resources.. Public school is basically .gov provided child care
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    My wife consults for writing a custom curriculum for homeschoolers if you're interested. She has a masters in STEM and is currently developing a homeschool co-op for High School age kids as well
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    Simms Sold to Vista Outdoors

    Maybe now the the invisible entity will stop shorting visto stock.. seriously makes no sense how that stock keeps going down
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    Get 20" rims and live the dream
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    What's your EDC knife?

    I'm cheapy cheap for an EDC, because I will lose it at some point. Outdoor Edge. Blade is replaceable and more durable than a havalon
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    I just bought 2 replacement tires. Went out on a limb for some firestone destination x/t. Had a belt break in one tire and Cstco doesnt have michelin defenders in stock so Im trying something new
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    arrows for TAC

    my vote is cheap arrows. I don't hunt foam but I certainly am interested in seeing if I could make some hard shots without wounding an animal. I'm shooting no frills arrows as fast as I can get them. at the end of the day, if your ability to shoot is good and your site tape is accurate, you'll...
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    arrows for TAC

    AxIS 5MM sportsman line or whatever the .006 tolerance Easton arrows are. id be most concerned with site tape being accurate
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    Hunting partners…Finding new ones, losing old ones.

    BH seeking another BH to hike through dry alpine terrain, share stories and food together. Not looking for a 1 night stand