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    Shoot in bed?

    Not taking the shot from that angle.
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    Switching Releases

    I've gone back and forth many times but always seem to end up back with my Carter Quickies.
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    Pre trip inspection cost me a set of tires....

    Loved my Cooper AT3s on my 2016 2500HD Denali, for the first 15,000 miles. Great in both snow and mud and quiet on the road. After that, the dealership tried re-balanced them every 250 miles and still couldn't keep the vibrations from coming back. I paid to replace 2 of them and finally solved...
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    new truck time

    2021 GMC Denali 2500HD here. Great ride. Pulls what I need to and stops it!
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    Well…. I’m a Wyoming Landowner now.

    You forgot to include directions for us ALL to show up for the Rokslide get together????
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    300 Rum

    If you thought that you had pressure issues before........ In my .300 RUMs, I have played with as light as 180 grain bullets but when hunting I shoot 190 and heavier bullets. If you want to use Alliant powders, Reloader 25 is where I would start and go up to Reloader 33. My preference in...
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    NL pure or maven b1?

    I am a Swarovski fanboy! I have a pair of SLCs, ELs and Kahles all in 10X42. My spotter is a Maven S1a. The Swarovskis are definitely a step up. I would compare the Maven to the Swaro ATS spotter. I haven't stepped up to a pair of NLs (yet) but they are an incredible glass. They give the...
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    2021 Archery bull shoulder mount

    Looks great. Definitely need a bigger house. (for the next few!)
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    Idaho Draws

    Got my results at 3:38 this morning. Glad to be able to "donate" to IDF&G once again.
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    Which 6.5 PRC You Buying?

    Of those three, definitely the Sako.
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    Idaho Draws

    I'm just so anxiously awaiting the email to confirm my "donation" to IDAHO FISH & GAME.
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    Wow, Craigslist opportunity

    Since it is still up........ must be nobody has bought it!
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    The spotter bug is getting me

    The areas in there that I worked didn't give me much need/use for a spotter. They are a neat/necessary tool to have in your hands but as for the need in there, I never found one that valuable.
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    The spotter bug is getting me

    Don't know where exactly you are hunting but I worked/guided out of Cody for many years, (in the Thoroughfare) and didn't use my spotter except from camp looking at elk. Once we left camp, my SLC's and then my EL's did everything that I needed and I didn't use a tripod. I am a Swarovski fanboy...
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    Maven RF.1 Long term Review?

    Once I'm set, I don't find myself messing with the knob. I like to stick my range finder in a shirt pocket when stalking and it is a pain to put in and pull out. Other than that, it's a great range finder.
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    Maven RF.1 Long term Review?

    Don't like the size of the adjustment knob on the side but the range finder works great. Easy to get readings at long distances. (got deer at 2840 yards in Idaho last fall)
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    I've had a lot of them and have used most of the rest. I'm currently using the Maven and am very happy with it. Got some amazing readings on deer last fall in Idaho. (2840!)
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    Kamchatka Snow Sheep Back From the Taxidermist

    Incredible mount and great memories.
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    Big Cinnamon Bear