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  1. tonechaser88

    Coues Deer Hunting - AND NM unit 27?

    Looking to apply for my first coues hunt in NM this year. Might expand to AZ later on and have considered doing MX maybe after getting some experience in my home state (NM). I'm looking for general Coues hunting information, It is completely different country than I have ever hunted before and...
  2. tonechaser88

    WTS 280 AI 1:8 savage small shank barrel

    Xcaliber- Savage small shank 26” , 11 degree crown , 1:8 , .750 od at muzz . 280 ai saami , 150 rounds through it. Buddy went carbon fiber on his build . Great condition. Asking $280 shipped
  3. tonechaser88

    WTB .33 cal 225gr E tip

    looking for a box of these.
  4. tonechaser88

    WTS Bullets: 6.5mm, 30 cal, 338 213gr hammers.

    Cleaning out the cabinet. Almost all are partial boxes. Make an offer. 30 cal 15 x 175 gr LRX(sold) 29 x 165 Nosler BT(sold) 35 x Barnes 130 gr tsx 51 x Nosler 175 Custom comp 91 x 195 gr Hornady BTHP match 61 x 150 gr hornady interlock 70 x 110 gr Hornady SP varmint 75 x 130 gr Hornady SP...
  5. tonechaser88

    Patriot valley monos

    Anyone have experience terminal performance or load data for any of PVA bullets ?
  6. tonechaser88

    WTS McGowan Savage barrels. 260 rem & 6.5-300wsm

    (Left)Savage standard thread 260 rem 8 twist 19” savage magnum contour $160 shipped 200 rds SOLD (right) savage large thread 8.5 twist 6.5 - 300 wsm 21” varmint contour $170 shipped 250 rds venmo preffered or PayPal F&F
  7. tonechaser88

    WTB .338 230 gr ELDX

    Looking for a few of these 230 gr eldx.
  8. tonechaser88

    Maven B series 15/18 or 12?

    Looking at diving into Maven for my optics in the future. I'm looking for a nice piece for Barbary sheep / Coues and Muley's (NM primarily). I'm torn between carrying a 10x as well as 15/18 for long glassing, or just getting one set of 12x and carrying that only. I've never hunted Coues but want...
  9. tonechaser88

    WTS/WTT DB10 AR10 308

    80 Rounds through it with Magpul open sights, 2 - 20 rd mags. Looking for Maven 15/18s on trade , would consider Maven 12s or a compact spotter. $1100 OBO shipped to your FFL.
  10. tonechaser88

    WTB 280 ackley brass

    Looking for once fired “quality” brass for 280 ackley. Need 25-100 pieces. Norma / nosler / hornady/ Lapua or similar quality brass.
  11. tonechaser88

    WTS Scarpa liskamm gtx

    Set of boots used lightly for a couple of seasons. They are size 11. Fit my foot well but I have a plantar issue I’m dealing with and stiff boots make it flare up. They are a stiff mountaineering boot, excellent quality and good condition. $125 shipped .
  12. tonechaser88

    WTB Hornady/Nosler 270 wsm or 300 wsm brass

    Looking for once fired brass hornady or nosler headstamp 270 wsm or 300 wsm. 20-50 pieces.
  13. tonechaser88

    Show off your Savage!

    Saw a tikka build thread that was really damn neat! Thought it would be cool to see what savage builds members had. Quite the savage nut myself and just finished another build. 260 rem / rifle basix / Boyd’s feather thumbhole(refinished) / 19” mcgowen magnum savage contour barrel. Going to...
  14. tonechaser88

    WTS Savage 111 7mm rem mag

    Stock gun pre accu trigger. 40 rounds thru the barrel. $425 shipped to your FFL. PayPal F&F or venmo.
  15. tonechaser88

    WTS Howa 6.5 grendel

    Less than 200 rounds through it. Can't get used to the "not savage" action. Gun/boyds stock and pic rail on top. no scope or bipod. $450 Paypal F&F or Venmo. Have dies/brass/ ammo if intereste. PM me
  16. tonechaser88

    270 ELDX 338 cal

    Anyone have any idea where to find the dimensions on this bullet ? Overall length and length to ogive ?
  17. tonechaser88

    Sold Burris fullfield 4.5-14x42

    I bought this used and am selling it used. It’s a fine scope and love Burris lifetime warranty. I’m switching over to Mil/Mil systems so no longer have a need for it. $135 shipped tyd PayPal f&f or venmo.
  18. tonechaser88

    Sold Savage 223 axis - ultra light trigger MCARBO spring- Boyd’s bench stock

    Gun only. Planned to build a 223 ackley off of it but picked up a 6.5 Grendel I’m building instead. Threaded barrel and a rail on this also. A lot of fun and cheap to shoot . Looking for $330. PM me we can discuss shipping and FFL.
  19. tonechaser88

    looking for NM Cow tags unit 36/34/37/52

    Looking for a voucher for a cow tag in NM. Prefer a unit wide tag. Anyone know of anything out there?
  20. tonechaser88

    33 Nosler

    Anyone have experience with the 33 nosler? looking at one in a lightweight platform. Not a huge fan of recoil but the 300 win mag doesn't bother me. Would the 33 nosler on a lightweight platform with a muzz brake be a rough stick ? or tolerable?