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    The" Blow the Bucks out of thier bed" scenario while scouting

    Mule deer rarely have a summer range much greater than a two square mile area from my experience - Often times if you give a deer a day or so, he will usually surface feeding in one of his local favorite areas... Rarely does a velvet buck completely disapear from seeing someone... They have...
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    lets see some velvet! early season pictures of scouting or success. ill start :)

    Wow nice bucks - You guys sure are great hunters.....
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    Colorado unit 43?

    Great unit, great genetics and great potential... Just stay away from Fravert, Haisley, Frigidaire drainages as they get pounded during the opener and you should find what you want... The winter kill was bad everywhere but thereis good hunting there and most surrounding high country units if you...
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    My 2013 OTC Muley

    Holy ISH! What a stud! Nice work man!
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    Trad bows and backpacks???

    Wouldn't a takedown be better suited for pack in hunts? I have not hunted with one yet but plan too and I think that is what I will do. Thoughts?
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    Average archery shot on mule deer??

    53, 18, 38, 51,76 and 28 yards - Back to back years in the high country -
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    What part of Colorado has the most remote wilderness?

    74 and 75 is hunted hard but has a few good bucks. Don't think for a minute you will go into either and see big bucks everywhere... The 08 winter still has the herds struggling to recover any age class. I think that goes for the entire West slope though. 74 has roads everywhere, 75 has more...
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    Mule Deer success thread.

    Very nice looking buck Roy -
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    Colorado, the 9 Preference point question

    The 76 archery deer hunt might be fun with those points... There are no landowners, so vouchers are not an option in that unit because it is wilderness mostly. Since it is wilderness, there are very few roads and I believe it takes at least 4-6 points to draw as a NR (not 100% on that) I...
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    Glue for inserts?

    Hot melt for broadheads so you can tune, Goat tuff for expandables.
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    Breaking him in young

    Nice picture stud...
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    A photo thread of my Idaho hunt...

    Glad you got one buddy.
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    2012 Utah General Season rifle last day success!!!

    Thumper buck! Very nice...
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    A photo thread of my Idaho hunt...

    Bring one down buddy...
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    Idaho Mule Deer Hunt with David Long

    Was anything even close? 170'zzz ish? at all??? Tag soup is not the tastiest but you gave it hell... It was fun to watch n read... Safe travels home.
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    Idaho Mule Deer Hunt with David Long

    lmao... Thanks Mike...
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    Idaho Mule Deer Hunt with David Long

    Looks a lil brisk outside...Brrrrrrrr...
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    Idaho Mule Deer Hunt with David Long

    Hopefully the weather gets them moving... I am sure you will see something to hang your tag on... Good luck my friend.
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    Idaho Mule Deer Hunt with David Long

    Good Luck David... Hunt high... They are there :)
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    Co Success!

    Sweet hard earned buck man! Congrats!