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  1. djlr55

    WTS Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel - Grey

    40L Duffel converts to a backpack with load lifters $85 TYD. Open to trades for camo, archery.
  2. djlr55

    WTS Velocity Systems 48 Hour Assault Pack - Grey

    $85 TYD. Open to trades for Camo, archery.
  3. djlr55

    WTB Kifaru Sherman Pocket - Wolf Grey

    If anyone has one, I am looking to pick one up to put with a couple WG Kifaru packs I have. Thanks for looking.
  4. djlr55

    Sold Stone Glacier Avail 2200 Tan

    Very good condition w belt (not pictured) and water bottle holster. $215 TYD.
  5. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru Shape Charge MC

    $325 TYD
  6. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru Sherman Pocket - RG

    Added tab for hydration bladder - SOLD
  7. djlr55

    WTB or WTT for Kifaru Sherman Pocket

  8. djlr55

    WTB Kuiu Gila or Similar Hot Wx Hooded Long Sleeve - XL

    Color doesn’t matter. Send me a PM w price. Thanks!
  9. djlr55

    WTB GoPro

    Anyone have a GoPro or comparable action camera they are looking to sell? Newer the better. Before I buy one new, I wanted to check here. Let me know if you have any extra accessories, etc. Thanks!
  10. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru Apollo - Ranger Green

    Catch and release. $135 TYD
  11. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru 22 Mag Gen 2 - Ranger Green

    22 Mag Gen 2 Ranger Green. Excellent condition. $265 TYD obo.
  12. djlr55

    WTS Kifaru Stryker Multicam

    Kifaru Stryker Multicam - Excellent Condition. $165 TYD obo
  13. djlr55

    Sold KUIU Pro Bino Harness - Valo

    $90 TYD. Open to trades for Kifaru packs (especially a doorgunner, bane, urban ruck or camp bag), go pro, Carbon tripod, or archery equipment, will add cash for more expensive items.
  14. djlr55

    WTB Ranger Green Kifaru Lid

    Looking for a RG timberline lid, guide lid or OGL for a Timberline that’s missing the lid. Thanks for looking.
  15. djlr55

    Sold Zippered Camp Bag

    WTB Zippered Kifaru Camp Bag MC preferred, but any color really. Found.
  16. djlr55

    WTB Wolf Grey Kifaru Doorgunner

    PM me if you have one.
  17. djlr55

    Sold Custom Kifaru Organizer Guide Lid - CB

    CB - Organizer Guide Lid modified w/ 4”x6”loop Velcro panel to accommodate accessories or patches - $95 tyd
  18. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru Reckoning with 26" Tactical Frame - CB

    Coyote Brown Reckoning with 26" Tactical Frame. Long Straps and Small Belt. Excellent Condition. $550 TYD.
  19. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru 22 Mag - Gen 1 - Wolf Grey

    Wolf Grey Gen 1 22 Mag. Excellent Condition. $185 TYD. Open to trades.
  20. djlr55

    Sold Kifaru Woodsman Wolf Grey

    Wolf Grey Woodman - Good Condition, has small blood stains as pictured. $145 TYD. Open to trades.