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  1. Marshbanks12

    First Mule Deer Hunt

    This was my first year being able to pull a tag and hunt mule deer in Wyoming after making several western trips to do Pronghorn and OTC Elk. If I was to keep it short....I am absolutely hooked. On the first 2 days we spotted some nice deer but were never able to close the distance or get a...
  2. Marshbanks12

    Ironwill Broadhead Tuning?

    So I have always shot Ironwill Broadheads and they always fly like darts. I bought a new bow this year and I can't figure out why my broadheads are flying so poorly. First my set up is as follows: A Mathews V3 31 with a 28.5" draw at 70 lbs. Shooting Easton 5mm FMJ's 340 spine that are 27" and 3...
  3. Marshbanks12

    Archery Goat Outiftters in AK??

    I am probably about 4 years out from when I would like to go on a mountain goat hunt in Alaska. I have started to research outfitters but COVID shutting down all the Expos really made that difficult to soley do online. Does anyone have any experience on an archery mountain goat hunt with an...
  4. Marshbanks12

    A Comical Tale of a DIY Elk hunt

    I thought I'd share the story of my first Elk hunt that me and my buddy went on last year. This story takes place in an OTC unit in Colorado the first 6 days of the archery season of 2020. My friend, Zach, and I arrived in Colorado two days before the opening day of archery elk season to...
  5. Marshbanks12

    New from Maryland

    Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself... I'm Marshall, I am 27 years old and live in Maryland. I have hunted my entire life, mainly targeting Sika Deer on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The past two years I have began bowhunting out west in Wyoming and Colorado. In 2019 I was able to harvest...