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    Suppressor wait times

    Want to know something that always irked me? I have to jump through all these hoops for a tiny piece of steel/aluminum that really doesn't do what people think and isn't the least bit dangerous. At work I can hire anybody off the street to handle and detonate explosives with as little as a...
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    Elk burger

    I'll add that my family only eats wild game if it's available. I'll bet we buy less than 20lbs of beef a year on average. So, all the meals we make with grind are elk, deer or antelope. If we get several animals, the last 100lbs of grind gets no fat mixed in so it saves longer. This year we...
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    Elk burger

    5 to 10 percent suet on average for my burger. Fat I gets a bad rap. It's necessary and this is a good place to get it.
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    Suppressor wait times

    Backlog from all the new buyers plus trying to catch up on all the paper form 4's they screwed over with the efile system. Had to happen sometime. Hopefully they balance it out in the next year or so.
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    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    I agree and did. Funny thing is that there's not many jobs an uneducated worker can put a few hours in and walk away with $300 cash. That was 20 years ago when 15% was the norm.
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    Packable barrel cleaning rod?

    I've used balloons, finger condoms, tips of gloves cut off, etc. Just tape or wrap a rubber band on it for security. I've never had to unplug a rifle in the field. That said, I've purchased used a rifle that had an obstruction in it. A guys son went on a mission and sold his rifle. He said...
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    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    That's a table I'd tell to put your money away. I don't need a tip that bad. If they refused then I'd suggest another restaurant that would tolerate that kind of behavior. It'd be better for the customer too. I don't even want to tell you the kind of things you've had put in your meal over...
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    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    oh man. you just served up a softball on that one. but i'm feeling classy today so i'll leave it alone.
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    First suppressor. Getting hard/sticky bolt lift

    Did you ever bore scope the barrel to see if there were any anomalies?
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    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    I worked as a waiter for several years. Your paid my salary because somewhere along the line the restaurant industry decided they wouldn't. I made $2.13 per hour which usually didn't even cover the taxes I had to pay and credit card fees. Australia has it figured out. You pay for the food and...
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    WTT Crispi Briksdal

    Where are you located and are yours the insulated or non?
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    Suppressor wait times

    That's true to some extent. I've done several form 3's and a weeks time is about all it takes when the item is in stock. Even with extenuating circumstances the odds of one person having 3 SS delays in the last 8 months tell me enough. After emailing them I was ready to certify the day after...
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    Suppressor wait times

    With the silencer shop 1-4 month wait on e-file forms it really makes the wait longer. 90-120+ days after the efile plus the silencer shop penalty box. My next suppressor will be direct through my SOT.
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    A good place to live in Utah?

    Wait, I thought you were trying to convince him to stay in Colorado? I've been thinking about leaving Utah because those hushin tools are from here.
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    In stock primers and powders

    I've run across primers and powder in store lately. This is in salt lake city at both big box stores and smaller LGS.
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    Classified deal goes wrong. What do you do if you were me?

    Good point. It's a real PITA to try and recoup costs as the buyer. It takes the seller/shipper to initiate and finalize the claim.
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    Rail for Tikka?

    I like using a rail on tikkas. I prefer the factory dovetail but if not, I'll throw a rail on over direct thread any day. It make mounting and removal of scopes easier and gives you more options. 20moa rails are nice if you're target shooting out a mile plus on the flatter shooting calibers...
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    I don't want Grizzlies spreading their range....There I said it

    Just because it's the thing to do, I'll take your quote out of context. The population of non-hunters went way up in the last 2 decades in your neck of the woods. That's why you're dealing with a ban. It appears that the bears learn fast enough that you're no threat.
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    Classified deal goes wrong. What do you do if you were me?

    Lost boxes you can usually get compensated for with most shippers. Damaged boxes/content is where shippers have you over a barrel. If your box isn't "certified" they will deny you claim. I've seen strong boxes without the certified stamp get denied. The shipping insurance is a scam. You...
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    In your experience, where are the biggest, most rugged mountains?

    Notice the time stamp and edit... OP changed it up after the first post