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  1. bbrown

    Kodiak Weather?

    Any better options for checking the upcoming weather forecast other than for Kodiak city and Larsen Bay or for the forecast at the airport? Flying in for the opener towards the southern end onto an alpine lake and was curious how accurate/applicable the reports...
  2. bbrown

    WTS TriggerTech Primary RH Flat

    Right hand, black “PVD” in color, no bolt release. Brand new from a CA Ridgeline Scout - just swapping it for a curved model. How about $150 OBO TYD PayPal gift or cover the fees
  3. bbrown

    WTB Electric Bear fence

    A few buddies and I are heading to Kodiak in late July - early august and would like to rent/buy a electric bear couple fences for camp and meat stash. Anyone have one or 2 gathering dust they want to make some money with? Happy to front replacement cost on a rental deal if it makes more sense...
  4. bbrown

    Sold ADG 6.5 PRC Brass

    One box of 50pcs that has been opened but otherwise new. Asking $120 TYD. I could expand and 3 way trim for an additional $20 if needed. Also have 70pcs of 3x fired brass I could part with if you are interested. Originally loaded with 156s for a moderate 2920fps, full length sized for a...
  5. bbrown

    WTS Pack goat kids NoCo

    Trying to help out a local breeder that I get my pack goats from who had a guy fall out that was signed up for these boys. 2 brothers pure alpine and 1 alpine-oberhasli cross from a different doe. All are @1 month old currently, being bottle fed and have not been disbudded. The breeder...
  6. bbrown

    WTB 7SAUM and 280AI Brass

    Looking for a couple boxes of each if anyone has any to spare. Thanks!
  7. bbrown

    Sold Hawkins Ultra Light Tactical 34mm Rings

    Hawkins Ultra Light Tactical 34mm low rings. Used and a bit dusty with some surface rust on the screws but 100% functional. Picked these up for a buddy but ended up using the hydrids instead. Asking $110 OBO TYD
  8. bbrown

    WTT Berger 6.5 and 7mm bullets

    Got a few boxes that I don’t see myself using and hoping to trade for other bullets from Berger, Nosler, Hammer and maybe Hornady. -100ct 6.5 140g LR Target *Opened -170ct 6.5 140g VLD Target -200ct 7mm 140 VLD Hunting *Sealed and matching lot #s
  9. bbrown

    Sold Spartan Davros head and adapters

    Selling a lightly used Davros head, 2 m-lock adapters and 1 classic pic rail adapter that was modified by the previous owner for more clearance.
  10. bbrown

    Sold ADG Brass for Lapua

    Looking to try Lapua in the same caliber and quantities - trade only. -2x 50ct 6.5prc matching lot numbers -2x 50ct 300wm matching lot numbers
  11. bbrown

    Sold Iron Will S100s

    Standard threads, includes plastic travel case with 7 heads total: 1 brand new, 3 have been shot and resharpened, and the last 3 have been shot have some dings and still need to be sharpened. Not sure what these are worth but how about $165 TYD OBO which is $100 off new. Replace my blades for...
  12. bbrown

    Sold Atlas Bipod

    Looking for either a BT65-LW17 or a BT46-LW17 in good shape but BT10-LW17 would work too. Thanks!
  13. bbrown

    WTS/WTT Ramshot Magnum

    Probably 7.5lbs left from an 8 pound jug that is a recent manufacture and only loaded 40-50 rounds out of it. Was easily getting 2980-3020 out of a 300WM with 200g Accubonds without any pressure signs - the rifle just seems to prefer a different powder, Burn rate falls right between H1000 and...
  14. bbrown

    Knight UL PeepRib?

    Any ideas if they make one for the Knight Ultralite? Or something similar? Looked but didn’t find anything and don’t really want to deal with cutting the stock to make the Willams target peep work.
  15. bbrown

    Sportsman’s 10% code

    Anyone need one? 10% off $100 or more excluding guns and ammo. ABD-23LL-KZLP-4NZL
  16. bbrown

    Remington 870 Special Purpose Marine Magnum???

    Any ideas for other options that offers something similar now that Remington is no more or am I better off buying the components and having them cerakoted? Open to a used if anyone has a lead on one in good shape….
  17. bbrown

    Thor Bullets 20% Off

    Use code: CustomerApp
  18. bbrown

    Sold Kifaru Guide Lid Black

    Looking for a guide lid in black but a long Hunter lid would work too if they ever made those in black. Will buy out right or have a guide lid in CB that I could trade.
  19. bbrown

    Sold Kifaru OGL Multicam

    Anyone have one in good shape they want to part with before I order one direct?
  20. bbrown

    Sold Reloading Kit

    Consolidating what was left from my other post to make one hell of a set up for anyone getting into reloading - all you really need to add is dies and shell holders. Everything is used but in very good shape. Asking $420 TYD in the lower 48. Paypal gift or cover the fees with no mention of...